Rep. Gingrey Introduces Bill to End Chain Migration
(February 9) Yesterday, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) introduced H.R. 938, The Nuclear Family Priority Act (no bill text yet), which would:

Eliminate chain migration;

Expedite reunification of nuclear families (i.e., married couples and parents with their young children); and

Relieve the workload that overwhelms the immigration system and undermines homeland security.

Under chain migration, distant relatives well outside an immigrant’s basic family unit take priority over husbands, wives, parents and minor children. This ill-conceived system also creates incentives for illegal immigration because adult relatives of legal residents are known to overstay their visas (becoming illegal aliens) in hopes of becoming legal immigrants. Moreover, since hundreds of millions of people in the world have a relative in the U.S., the migration chain can eventually reach them all.

Chain migration – created in the late 1950s – is the No. 1 cause of legal immigration numbers quadrupling to more than one million a year.

If you agree with reinstating traditional immigration and want to reduce the chances of terrorists slipping past overworked immigration officials, click here to send a fax to your Representative asking him/her to co-sponsor The Nuclear Family Priority Act.

Also a great free fax to send at the Numberusa site.