Rep. Marsha Blackburn: How Can People Vote for Clinton When ‘Her Own Staff Is Having a Difficult Time Dealing with Her Lying?’

14 Oct 2016

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was a guest on Friday morning’s Breitbart News Daily, where SiriusXM host Matt Boyle asked about the significance of Hillary Clinton’s admission in private paid speeches that she favors “open borders,” disclosed by WikiLeaks.

Blackburn agreed with Boyle’s contention that it should be a “smoking gun” that disqualifies Clinton from the presidency.

“When you go in and look at the speeches that we now have access to, and the volume of money she was paid – $225,000 for a one-hour speech? It’s unbelievable,” she said. “In one of those speeches, she said she was for a hemispheric common market. She was for open borders and for open trade. Now, that is not what she says when she’s out there on the campaign trail, but in her heart of hearts, she knows that that is her position, and when she is comfortable, and feels like she is talking to people that will agree with her, then yes, she is going to say that.”

“Also, she admitted in those emails that she knew it was impossible to vet the Syrian refugees that were coming in. There’s not a system,” she added.

“So Matt, you can get great insight into what is happening within Clintonworld by reading these emails. You have John Podesta sending one out, back in March, that she hates everyday Americans. And you have another one, where the staff – there’s a thread where they are all so concerned because she is a habitual liar. How can people go vote for someone when her own staff is having a difficult time reacting to, and dealing with, her lying?” Blackburn asked.

Boyle cited another leaked email chain in which Clinton discusses having different public and private positions on major issues, something Blackburn said “should be of tremendous concern to everyone.”

“Here she says that in order to politically survive, or to be successful, you have to have two different positions: one you express in private, and one you express in public. That just shows you she’s gonna lie to you. She’s never going to tell you the truth. She’s going to tell you what she thinks is most expedient for her – not for you, but for her,” Blackburn said.

She described the revelations about “FOBs,” or “Friends of Bill Clinton,” receiving special favors during Haitian relief efforts as evidence of “cronyism” and further validation that “they use the Clinton Foundation as a money-making enterprise.”

“What they did was to try to shill – to circumvent the tax law, circumvent the taxes, worked through a non-profit, so that they were avoiding paying taxes, and used that to steer contributions to the Foundation. The Foundation spent about 90 percent of what it brought in on overhead and other expenses and salaries, and then gave about 13 percent of what it brought in to charities,” she explained.

“And then, alongside that, they ran their speaking organization. Bear in mind, Bill and Hillary Clinton claim they were ‘dead broke’ – dead broke! – when they left the White House. Today, they are worth over a quarter of a billion dollars. They have never created a company. They’ve never created a job. They established a foundation, employed a skeletal staff, spent about $30 million a year on that staff and benefits. This has been their get-rich-quick mechanism,” Blackburn said.

She expressed a preference for letting Congress investigate Clinton’s activities, rather than appointing a special prosecutor.

“Matt, I’ve got to tell you: right now, at this point, I think we’re better leaving it with Congress because if we call for a special prosecutor, we would have to shut down our investigation and give them time to stand up,” she explained. “Then we would have to turn over all of our information and leave it with them. So, at this time, I think we leave it with the House and see where we can continue to get on this.”

“The report that we did, that grew out of our work at Energy and Commerce, I have shared that with the other committees that have jurisdiction and oversight. We know that they are continuing to look at this. Chairman Chaffetz and his committee is continuing to look at it. Let’s just see where we can get with it, keeping it with us,” Blackburn advised.

She said the 2016 was critical because “if you want change in the way things are done in Washington, you’re going to vote for Donald Trump.”

“If you’re happy with the status quo and enjoyed the Obama years, then Hillary Clinton is going to be your person. If you want higher taxes, if you want more government regulations, if you want to see more litigation that is fostered in these compliance costs, Hillary’s for you. If you want to put the emphasis on a smaller government that is going to spend less and is going to be reined in and rights that are going to stay with individuals, then Donald Trump is going to be your candidate,” Blackburn said.