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    Report claims abuses by police, others of illegal immigrants

    Published: 12.11.2007
    Report claims abuses by police, others of illegal immigrants
    Tucson Citizen
    A report issued Monday by the Border Action Network here says "local police were involved in the largest number of reported incidences" of "possible human rights violations" between September and November.
    The report does not indicate the date, time or place of the alleged incidents nor the number of people allegedly abused in each incident or their names, ages, sex or ethnicity.
    Tucson police had not seen the report by midday Monday.
    "We can't possibly comment on something where we can't verify those allegations," said Sgt. Fabian Pacheco, a spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. "We're not going to speculate."
    Jennifer Allen spoke in Spanish on behalf of the human rights group at a news conference at Iglesia de Dios Church, about eight miles south of Tucson.
    She said the report is based on information collected by "trained abuse documenters" who used a standardized form.
    The report "demonstrates that the human costs of the current wide-net approach to border and immigration enforcement are brutal, unequally borne and undemocratic," according to its introduction.
    Last month, a Tucson man was deported to Mexico and his wife and two sons were voluntarily returned to Mexico after Catalina High Magnet School officials called police because one of the boys allegedly was found in possession of marijuana at school.
    Tucson police called the Border Patrol. Agents came to the school, picked up the boy and his parents and went on to Doolen Middle School to pick up the family's other son, at their request.
    The father was an illegal immigrant.
    Tucson police said on Nov. 6 it would no longer call the Border Patrol to schools or churches when officers determine suspects in an investigation are illegal immigrants.
    The incident is featured on Page 14 in the Border Action Network report: "Human and Civil Rights Violations Uncovered."
    "As expected, this incident incited debate over the efficacy and social costs of simultaneously enforcing civil immigration statutes and criminal law through the collaboration of school districts, police departments and the Border Patrol," the report states.
    The human rights group said its confidential database was reviewed by human rights lawyers and lawyers who specialize in immigration and constitutional law.
    The analysis concluded local police were the "perpetrators" of 23 percent of the 64 incidents of "possible" human rights abuse noted by "abuse documenters."Allen would not say which police agency the reporter referred to or if it included Oro Valley, Marana and Sahuarita in addition to Tucson. In the federal fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 370,000 illegal immigrants, according to the agency's Web site.
    The legal status of those reporting possible abuse was 39 percent "undocumented," 19 percent "legal permanent resident" and 14 percent "U.S. citizen."
    Five percent had a "border crossing card," which are issued to Mexicans and Canadians who frequently come to the U.S. for business, tourism or to shop.
    The "possible abuses" in the alleged incidents include "illegal temporary detention," "violation of the rights of due process." "illegal stopping for violation of immigration laws" and "psychological or verbal abuse."
    Illegal aliens remain exempt from American laws, while they DEMAND American rights...

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    Adding up the percentages totals 77%...

    Were the other 23% from another planet???

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    BS. If they went home on their own they wouldn't have to worry about being mistreated. They know that it is getting tough out there, but they still insist on staying. I don't condone abuse on anyone, however, what do they consider abuse. Is it the fact that they are even questioned.

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    "trained abuse documenters"
    As though the title makes it so NOT impressed they can write!

    Any time an illegal is detained, arrested or deported they cry "human rights violations".....feel like I am in an echo chamber.

    The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
    * Hubert H. Humphrey
    "Distrust and caution are the parents of security."
    Benjamin Franklin

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    I wonder who the idiot was who thought up this title, shaking my head in is so tireing.
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