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Thread: Rick Perry: Trump Has Not Softened His Position on Immigration

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    Rick Perry: Trump Has Not Softened His Position on Immigration

    Tuesday, August 30, 2016 01:01 PM
    By: Sandy Fitzgerald

    Donald Trump has not softened his position on immigration, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday, and he has no doubts that the GOP presidential nominee will build a wall along the nation's border with Mexico.

    "Donald Trump's focused on securing this country," Perry told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program, and part of that is knowing a "border is not being used to penetrate by people who do harm to us, and that's exactly what's going on today. We know that."

    Perry said he has been briefed as lately as in the past 30 days by people involved in Texas' efforts to secure the border, and Trump will not soften his position.

    "Part of that is a wall," said Perry. "Part of it is electronics, aviation assets, boots on the ground. He is committed not only to immigration reform that lets the people we want in this country, but those who came in overstayed their Visas, those that are criminal elements. Those individuals are going to be rounded up and dealt with appropriately."

    Perry ran into trouble four years ago in Texas, when he said he wanted to give state tuition breaks to illegal immigrants who had lived their whole lives in his state, and he admits he did a "poor job" of explaining why his state did the action it did.

    "This is an economic issue for us," said Perry. "These kids are here, they're not going away. They may have been born 60 miles off the border and for the last 16 years of their 18, they have been in Texas, they have done their work, they're going to be here. We required them to be in the queue to get their citizenship."

    Further, the United States wants hard-working people, and also a relationship with Mexico, but that country needs to "understand something," the former governor said.

    "They have to deal with their part on dealing with the drug cartels and dealing with those individuals who are bad character and securing that border," said Perry. "Donald Trump will secure the border. Donald Trump will do the things that's required to make sure that Americans know that they are safe and that that border is not being used to be penetrated by those who could do harm to us."

    Perry also spoke out about the news earlier in the day that Hillary Clinton's aide had written emails implying she knew the BlackBerry phones and communication they were using was not secure.

    "This isn't small potatoes," said the former governor and GOP presidential candidate. "This is clearly a national security issue that the former Secretary of State of America was involved with, knew exactly what they were doing, and I would suggest to you that there are very serious criminal and obviously national security issues at the real root and foundation of this."

    Also on the program, Perry called on San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick to apologize for sitting during the National Anthem during an exhibition game last Friday.

    "For some reason or another, he doesn't understand that we have laws in this country, and that if there are law enforcement that have done harm to individuals, it's addressed," said Perry.

    "The message he's sending is that somehow or other, our police officers are bad people and they're out there looking to do harm to minorities and that's just a false narrative."

    If Kaepernick still wants to sit, "you and I fought for his right to do that," Perry continued, but he doesn't think it's smart.

    "I don't think in 20 years as he looks back at this and he looks at his career and his life that it's one of his proudest moments," Perry said.
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    I would not trust Rick Perry ! Perry backed the formation of the "North American
    Union". The North American Union was ( and probably still is ) the dream of Globalists to eradicate our borders and make the United States, Mexico, and Canada
    into one United Nations ruled entity. Most of our Politicians pushed this. The kenyan
    obummer even went to a meeting this year with the Traitors from those nations about
    it. Our Press hardly even reported it. Disgraceful!
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    This is not just about criminals. I hear this theme being repeated from Trump surrogates. This is about anyone who has violated our border, our laws. If they have been here 16 of 18 years they have robbed the American taxpayers for 16 years, stepped in front of citizen children in many cases, been favored over citizens. It is not right.
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