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Thread: RNC Chair Reince Priebus: 'I Don't Know' What GOP Should Do if Obama Enacts Executive

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    RNC Chair Reince Priebus: 'I Don't Know' What GOP Should Do if Obama Enacts Executive

    RNC Chair Reince Priebus: 'I Don't Know' What GOP Should Do if Obama Enacts Executive Amnesty

    by Tony Lee 9 Aug 2014, 6:52 AM PDT

    RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has no idea what Republicans should do if President Barack Obama grants temporary amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants via executive action.

    In an interview with Real Clear Politics for their "Changing Lanes" series, Priebus was asked this week in Chicago what happens if Obama moves ahead with his executive orders by the end of summer.

    "I don't know. ... These are all hypotheticals," he answered. "I've got enough to worry about on a daily basis let alone worrying about what could happen down the line."

    He noted that the Supreme Court has struck down Obama on his expansive use of executive orders and mentioned that the current border crisis has made everyone, regardless of where they stand on the issue, realize that America needs secure borders. And he said recent events along the border have made the issue "more complicated" with a lot of "twists and turns."

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has said Obama should be impeached because of his lawlessness on illegal immigration because it impacts American workers, including legal immigrants, from all races and backgrounds. Multiple polls show that a majority of Republicans believe an Obama impeachment would be justified.

    Lawmakers in Congress have tried to take proactive steps to prevent Obama from enacting executive amnesty. Before the August recess, House Republicans passed border bills that would prohibit Obama from using federal funds to enact more temporary amnesty. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) killed the Senate's border bill with a budget point of order and has demanded that every senator stand against Obama's executive lawlessness and the granting of work permits--in contravention of federal law--to millions of illegal immigrants. A majority of Americans do not approve of Obama's handling of illegal immigration and want illegal immigrant juveniles, nearly 90% of whom are teenagers, sent back to their countries of origin.

    Priebus has been a strong proponent of comprehensive amnesty legislation, which the RNC's "Growth and Opportunity" embraced, and has begged to differ when others have been pessimistic about immigration reform legislation ultimately passing.
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    Good God. This is why we are loosing our country. The gutless GOP hacks don't know what to do when the answerer is obvious to every honest American citizen.

    Patriots enough! Once again big money has bought the election for a RINO hack, Lamar Alexander in Tennessee. Tennessee is a very conservative state yet we keep getting stuck with this RINO piece of garbage because of lies promoted by big money.

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    Step One: Fire Reince Priebus

    Step Two: Fire and then SHUN John Boehnor; When I say Shun I mean SHUN; threat him as if he has the Plague

    Incompetent Weak Dumb Asses has no place when it comes to leading the GOP
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    I've been saying for twenty plus years that amnesty is a darling of the republicans! That should seal it forever, that last paragraph should be a party killer! Based upon the past though, it won't be unfortunately! Growth and Opportunity" for all but Americans.

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    Well said kevinssdad: "'Growth and Opportunity' for all but Americans." That is the anti-American agenda of the open borders, billionaire financed open borders lobby and their Hispanic shills.

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    I can understand them not saying impeachment at this point in time with elections for the Senate ramping up. Them speaking of possible impeachment will just drive more Dems to the polls. But we all know that they aren't even considering impeachment. Part of the proof is that in this lawsuit in the House against Obama it talks on Obamacare while that should be an issue a bigger one should be about DACA. I'm fairly sure that if it challenged DACA directly DACA would lose with 5/4 split, if the law was followed a 5/2 split due to 2 of the liberal Justices having strong links to support it. Remember Sotomayor has direct ties to LaRaza and has worked with them. It would likely come down that Obama has prosecutorial discretion in single cases but not as far as simply deciding which laws not to enforce and to decide which groups to ignore those laws with. The IIRIRA of 1996 doesn't really leave Obama any room to decide not to deport like he has done as well.

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