Ron Johnson: Media Blackout on Border Akin to ‘Communist China’

by JEFF POOR 29 Mar 2021

Monday on Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) slammed the Biden administration’s efforts to suppress news from the southern U.S. border, especially images they could sway public opinion.

Johnson also attacked the media for not pushing back against the Biden administration.

He likened the tactics the Biden administration used to “minders” to what one might see in Communist China.

“Well, the mainstream media is basically in their back pocket,” he replied. “Let’s face it. They picked their candidate and did everything they could, suppressed the report on Hunter Biden to make sure that Joe Biden won. And so the last thing they want to do is prove themselves wrong in picking the wrong horse. But one of the things we revealed in a 2018 hearing is that they actually sell children to people who want to come across, so they can come across as a family unit and exploit our laws. Again, we have known this for years. And this is exactly what President Biden is allowing to happen. It’s absolutely shameful.”

“But let’s face it — they realize that a picture’s worth 1,000 words,” Johnson continued. “It’s why there was so much of an outcry during the 2018-2019 crisis is, we saw horrific pictures, a little 2-year-old child drowned in the Rio Grande. The Biden demonstration is not allowing the press in there, so the American people don’t see those pictures. But 18 U.S. senators, we went down to the Donna facility. We took pictures. It was like being in Communist China, quite honestly. I have been there. The Chinese party, the Communist Party, always has minders with you, so that you can’t take pictures. We had the same thing that we had the vice president — or the — President Biden minders with us telling us to delete photos.”

“And we just said no,” he added. “We’re a separate branch of government. We’re doing oversight. The American people need to see this. But it was surreal. You felt like you were in Communist China.”