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The sad reality of the matter is:

I.C.E. doesn't have the money in the budget to deport millions of people.

Congress controls the I.C.E. budget.
That's okay. The state and local law enforcement officers can do it. They have more than enough personnel, equipment, and money to deport all of the illegal aliens, up to 20 million at least in a year. Remember all the posts I made about this? 800,000 police officers arresting 2 illegal aliens a month on average, plus 3 in 1 month, and in 12 months, you have 20 million illegal aliens be gone!

Run them through a local magistrate like they do traffic tickets, give them 24 hours to get their documents if they don't have them on them, and if they don't have them and there's no record of any being issued, then poof, IllegalAliensBeGone!

This is not rocket science. It's a simple matter of a) are you a citizen, verify or b) do you have papers to be here, verify and if they are neither, then out they go. It's no different than a traffic stop where a cop asks you for your driver's license. If you don't have it, you can't drive. If you're an alien without papers, then you're an illegal alien and can't stay.

State troopers, sheriffs, and municipal police officers are more than qualified to handle this simple task. Trust me. They're very good at this sort of thing. Over-qualified actually.