By Paul Gattis
on September 02, 2014 at 3:16 PM

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions. (Bob Gathany)

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA - Speaker of the Alabama House Mike Hubbard and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks were the guest speakers Tuesday at the Republican Women of Huntsville luncheon at The Ledges.

But U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, who wasn't in attendance, emerged as a star of the program.

Both Hubbard, R-Auburn, and Brooks, R-Huntsville, lauded Sessions' work in the U.S. Senate particularly on the issue of immigration.

"Jeff Sessions has really been the hero, standing up to the Obama administration and standing up and saying what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say because it might be politically incorrect," Hubbard said during a 30-minute speech.

Brooks echoed Hubbard's sentiments in following with a brief speech.

"Folks, if you get a chance to thank him, thank him," Brooks said. "He has been No. 1 on this issue and there's not a close second. That's the kind of leadership our senators from the state of Alabama have shown on trying to secure our borders and protect the American sovereignty."

Sessions has emerged as a national voice opposing the immigration policy proposed by President Obama. In fact, when you do a Google search of Sessions' name, one of the suggested searches is "immigration."

Last week, Sessions said Obama's proposal of using executive action to expand amnesty programs for those already in the U.S. living illegally could lead to terrorist attacks on American soil.

Brooks said Tuesday that Democrats are eager to put living in the U.S. without legal permission on a "pathway to citizenship" because they are more likely to be dependent upon the government and increase the Democratic voting bloc.

That strategy "dilutes the votes of current American citizens to our detriment," Brooks said.