While there is a language difference that Border Patrol Agents must deal with, the word “entitled” and the concept of “I’m taking this like it or not” seem to require no translation.
In a Monday interview with J.D. Hayworth, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson recalls discussions he had with Border Patrol Agents on a recent trip to the Mexican border area of south Texas.
Hayworth asks Senator Johnson if what he has heard is true, that there is a hotline which has been established by DHS to allow illegal invaders to complain about their treatment by their captors.
Johnson says, “We heard repeatedly of Border Patrol agents going down, these women with their children would set a campfire to be caught, and when they get there the women complain about, ‘ what took you so long, I’ve been sitting here for an hour or three hours.”

He also was told by the Border Patrol that when the invaders are told to come up to the bus they respond by asking that the bus be brought to them. He says there is an expectation created by our own government policies that illegal invaders need only get across the border and they are home free.
The illegals are coming across the border, wanting “to be apprehended, so that we would detain them for a couple days, couple weeks, and then they’d get in that adjudication process and then they’d be dispersed around America knowing full well that they’re able to stay.”
This is not border security; this is an open border, open induction process. DHS is deliberately undermining our national security and our sovereignty, attacking our nation from within, with the intent of weakening us to the point of collapse. This is no humanitarian “president” and his regime working to benefit, it is the opposite.
It is communism at work eating away at our nation from the inside out. Like termites, they’re leaving the external shell still appearing to be structurally sound until they have sufficiently weakened us to the point of collapse. These vile insects must be crushed. It is up to we, the people to do it.