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Thread: Sen. Sessions: Obama's Policies Creating 'Humanitarian Crisis'

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    Sen. Sessions: Obama's Policies Creating 'Humanitarian Crisis'

    Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 07:27 PM
    By Todd Beamon

    Sen. Jeff Sessions attacked the Obama administration's immigration policies on Tuesday, saying that the president is "committed to escalating" the deluge of illegal immigrants — particularly minors — into the United States.

    "This administration has effectively adopted the philosophy that immigration law, on its own, cannot be enforced in the interior of the United States and that, further, foreign nationals who arrive by a certain age — and their relatives — have a 'right' to become citizens of the United States," the Alabama Republican said in an op-ed piece on "It cannot be the policy of the United States that any of the 2 billion people in the world who have yet to turn 18 have a right to illegally enter the United States and claim residency."

    Sessions, the ranking GOP member of the Senate Budget Committee, cited recent decisions by the White House to give 560,000 illegals formal work authorization and the admission of 100,000 more immigrant guest workers — all in the face of high unemployment among Americans.

    "For all practical purposes, the administration’s policy is that anyone in the world, of any age, is free to come and stay in the interior of the United States, to illegally work and receive taxpayer benefits, so long as they are not caught, tried, and convicted of a serious crime," Sessions said. "And even then, thousands of criminal aliens are released each and every year."

    The senator said that these policies have created a "completely preventable humanitarian crisis," with thousands of illegals — particularly minors traveling alone or women with young children — crossing the border in Mexico to enter the U.S.

    The deluge has led the Department of Homeland Security to fly illegals from Texas to Arizona and dump them at bus stations and makeshift shelters in the state.

    The administration is also housing illegal minors at military bases in Texas, Oklahoma, and California.

    The illegals are being housed at the bases at a cost to taxpayers of $252 per child per day.

    "This crisis is a direct and predictable result of the president’s sustained and deliberate campaign to dismantle immigration enforcement," Sessions said. "His administration has announced to the world that our nation’s immigration laws will not be enforced and that, in particular, they will not be applied to foreign youth."

    He called on Senate Republicans to take charge on the issue by looking "the American people in the eye" and saying "we will end the chaos.

    "We will stop the lawlessness," Sessions added. "And we will restore for the American people the immigration protections that have been callously stripped away by this administration."
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