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    Senate Reviews Immigration Measures ... /102260025

    Dust settles a bit on immigration reform; Senate reviews measures

    February 26, 2006

    DENVER - Majority Democrats at the Legislature have killed six Republican-backed bills addressing immigration, but the one of most contentious political topics in Colorado this year still has plenty of fireworks coming up.

    On Monday, a Senate committee plans to review two more GOP measures - one that would impose a $50,000 fine for people who counterfeit identity documents and another that would punish cities that discourage police officers from reporting illegal immigrants.

    Hearings on the bills were delayed last week because sponsor Sen. Tom Wiens, R-Castle Rock, was hospitalized with leg pains. But the issue dominated the Capitol anyway.

    A bipartisan group did back two proposals last week. One would assess a 2003 law that limits the use of foreign identification cards and another would prevent illegal immigrants from posting bond if they're arrested. Both measures face more review.

    Rep. Paul Weissmann, D-Louisville, said he expects a third measure (House Bill 1343) to eventually win approval once lawmakers find out more about how much it could cost. The proposal from Rep. Bill Crane, R-Arvada, would require companies to certify that they haven't hired any illegal immigrants before they get any state contracts.

    However, Weissmann said the six other Republican proposals were either unworkable or unconstitutional, pointing to a plan to make day laborer agencies liable for any crimes committed by their illegal immigrant workers.

    Another failed bill would have required sheriff's departments to sign agreements with federal authorities and seek to train deputies to identify, process and detain illegal immigrants. Weissmann said it may be possible to train state troopers and deputies if the federal government helps pay for it.

    "There are limited things that the state can do, but those are things we ought to do," said Weissmann, chairman of the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

    Weissmann said he is working with Rep. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, on a proposal to make businesses sign up for a database so they can check to see if they have illegal immigrants on staff. Weissmann wants to withhold licenses from companies that fail to comply but Schultheis also wants to fine the companies.

    "There has to be adequate enforcement, unless we're letting the public think we're doing something when we're really not," Schultheis said. "I think they (Democrats) realize they have to do something about this issue and they're having a heck of a time figuring out how to do that."

    So far, Democrats have introduced only one bill they say will address part of the illegal immigration problem - the underground economy. Rep. Mike Cerbo, D-Denver, wants to force state regulators to enforce current law and go after companies that aren't paying wages to workers as promised.

    He said those companies are usually the ones that hire illegal immigrants. He acknowledges the bill could also help illegal immigrants recover certain wages but said the main goal is to drive dishonest companies out of business. Weissmann also said Democrats are working on a bill to crack down on human trafficking.
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    well with the Senate. Feel Free to post in the Cincinnati Enquirer on there Blogs about Dewine the Swine.

    Oh Don't Foget he is on the Judicary Commite and he backs The Dream act and giving our country away.

    Oh Yeah COSA Members, A little message from the Scub. ICE ICE is coming to a College near you.
    You can not be loyal to two nations, without being unfaithful to one. Scubayons 02/07/06

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