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Thread: Senate Votes To Allow More muslim Immigrants From Middle East

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    Senate Votes To Allow More muslim Immigrants From Middle East

    Senate Votes to Allow More Immigration from the Middle East

    AP Photo/Raad Adayleh, File

    By:Aaron Bandler July 15, 2016

    The Senate voted for more Middle East immigration just before it went into recess.

    According to Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz, the Senate voted to pass Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's (D-NH) motion "to authorize a potentially unlimited amount Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) for Afghanis" in the National Defense Authorization Act.
    (we all know how O will abuse the unlimited special visas)

    Horowitiz defines SIVs as visas given "to those foreign nationals who serve as interpreters or contractors for the U.S. military abroad" and has been expanded to include "other support members." Those who receive SIVs are allowed to bring in as many immediate family members as they want and can receive benefits from entitlement programs.

    The problem with issuing such an enormous amount of SIVs is that it is another way to import people whose values are antithetical to the values of individual freedom and liberty that America holds dear. A 2013 Pew Research Center poll shows that the vast majority of people in Afghanistan believe in a version of Sharia law that is not compatible with constitutional values, which includes:

    99 percent supporting Sharia as the country's national law.
    • Only 24 percent objecting to the honor killings of women.
    • 79 percent supporting executing Muslims who convert to a different religion.
    • 85 percent supporting stoning women to death for adultery.
    • 37 percent believing that Sharia should only apply Muslim–meaning most felt like it should apply to everybody.

    The results are similar to other Islamic countries such as Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt.

    As Horowitz writes, "While some of those who come here will be as loyal to us as they were when serving our military, there is no way to ensure that either some of them or certainly their children, who are reared in a house sheltered by Sharia adherence, will not become problematic over time. Just last year, Bilal Abood, an Iraqi SIV recipient, who has since become a naturalized citizen, was arrested in Texas for suspected ties to ISIS."

    Horowitz also points out that there have been numerous "green on blue" incidents, where Afghan forces attack the U.S. military and coalition forces, the very people who are training them, which further highlights the problem with extending SIVs.

    What this all means that it's not enough to simply target Islamic terror groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas–the underlying problem is the Islamic supremacist ideology that gives birth to these terror groups and radicalized individuals who support them.

    Given that the annual rate of Islamic immigration has now increased to over 150,000 people per year and there are now over 1,000 "homegrown terror cases" in all 50 states, to allow an expansion of more immigration from an Islamic country is the definition of insanity.

    "What paves the road for endless numbers of Muslims in the West who make the ultimate decision to engage in violent Jihad is the climate of civilization jihad that is rooted in the mosques, schools, and political organizations, mainly run by Muslim Brotherhood groups," writes Horowitz. "The notion that we would allow more individuals into our country who subscribe to this ideology is maniacal and suicidal."
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    This is exactly why the carrier politicians need to get voted out. They have been in office so long they are just complacent and except what ever is on the table. The have become lazy at our expense. Democrats and Republicans have become all the same lazy figure heads in office to make their selves rich.
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    We know this does not benefit the citizens of the US, but how does it benefit the Senators?

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    They are doing what they are told to do - very far away from representing voters as you pay their salaries.

    A muslim takeover in the making - Eu is a clear example of what that will bring - the more you allow to settle in, the more demands, crimes, muslim, ways, etc.

    With all the centuries of inbreeding, they are certified loonytunes of the dangerous type. They should stay in their own asylums.
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