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    Sessions fights proposed compromise immigration bill

    Posted on Wed, Jun. 07, 2006

    Sessions fights proposed compromise immigration bill

    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON - Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions continues his outspoken views on the immigration debate underway in Congress as lawmakers in the House and Senate try to hammer out a compromise bill. The Mobile Republican yesterday released an updated analysis on the Senate legislation that passed May 25th.

    The analysis shows that the current measure would increase legal immigration by almost 300 percent of today's rates. He said that translates to 53-point-one (m) million green cards by 2026. Sessions compares that to the 18-point-nine (m) million allowed by current law.

    He also predicts 80 percent of those allowed under the bill to be low-skilled or family based immigrants from 2007 to 2016. Session said after that the number would jump to 85 percent.

    President Bush says he remains optimistic that Congress can agree on an immigration compromise. At the same time, he acknowledges getting a House bill limited to enforcement reconciled with a Senate measure that includes a guest worker plan will be hard work.
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    Thank God for Senator Sessions!

    I took some things to his office to let him know just what the opposition is all about! I hope and pray he got it!

    There are some that are finally aware of the danger this country face's. Unfortunately there are to many in government that just do not care.

    I may not be one that goes to church every Sunday, or one that reads the bible. However, my foundation as a child was rooted in church. What is happening in this country is total destruction of our country, our way of life, and our soveriegnty as a nation (sorry about the spelling).

    The bottom line here is that the illegal immigration issue is only one part of the destruction of this nation.. What truly breaks my heart is that the American people have become so complacent and apathetic that they just don't see the danger right in front of their face!

    Just like the people here in Alabama. They for the most part from what I see, voted for the candidates that the Birmingham News endorsed!

    We had a real chance to turn things around and elect people that were not controlled by party or special interest! Alabama blew it!
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    WE sure are fortunate that you have a senator like him. Mine are a pathetic and downright dangerous.

    Good job, Ohflyingone !! Thank you Senator Sessions !! Thank you from all of U.S..
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