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Thread: Several people arrested in Collier County ICE raid

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    Several people arrested in Collier County ICE raid

    Several people arrested in Collier County ICE raid

    ICE Spokesman Nestor Yglesias did not say how many people were arrested.

    Thursday, June 28th 2018, 7:54 pm EDT by Gabrielle Dawkins

    Updated: Thursday, June 28th 2018, 7:55 pm EDT

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    Several residents took to Facebook to state that they've seen Immigration and Customs Enforcement presence in Collier County.

    ICE Spokesman, Nestor Yglesias, says people were arrested in Collier County Wednesday.

    He would not state how many people were arrested or where they went throughout the county.

    Immokalee native, Dany Gonzalez says it’s difficult to hear stories of families being torn apart.

    “To come and target people here… That’s not a good thing because the people here in Immokalee,” said Gonzalez. “They work.”

    His close friend came face-to-face with ICE outside of the Taquitos in Immokalee.

    “I know him very well. They just opened his van and just got everybody out,” said Gonzalez. “These people were going to work. They were doing the landscaping in Naples.”

    Although his friend was not arrested, he heard that others in that car were.

    “One of our workers best friends has a husband that got caught,” said Gonzalez. “They have no idea where they are at. He is only in the mid 20’s, and he’s got [a] family. He’s got two kids. He went to school here [and] talks English.”

    He feels as though this is a huge let down that is impacting his community.

    “That’s why I am kind of disappointed for us trying to [make] a better living here in Immokalee. There [are] good people here that work here hard and want to make a living here,” said Gonzalez. “So I just don’t understand with all of this stuff happening with this immigration stuff right now it’s totally bad here because all of these people are hard workers.”

    He’s noticed an increase in officer presence over the years.

    “Growing up in the fields you knew when border control was here. They would come every once in a while in the 80s [and] 90s, [and] it was never like it was now,” said Gonzalez.

    He says he wants political leaders like Rick Scott to step up and help change the immigration policy soon.

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