Sex Offender Busted with Migrant Group near Border in Texas

by BOB PRICE 12 Oct 2021

Border Patrol agents in Texas’ most remote sector continue to arrest large migrant groups attempting to sneak into the United States. Over the weekend, Van Horn Station agents found a convicted sex offender hiding within a group.

Big Bend Sector agents patrolling near Van Horn came upon a group of migrants who had illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico. During processing, agents identified one of the migrants as a convicted sex offender, according to a tweet from Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin.

Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin

Over the weekend, agents from the Van Horn Station apprehended multiple groups of undocumented migrants illegally present in the US. One of the subjects is a convicted sex offender who is being referred for criminal prosecution. Great work by Van Horn Border Patrol Station!

11:50 AM · Oct 12, 2021

The agents transported the group to the Van Horn Station and turned the sex offender over for prosecution for illegal re-entry after removal. Officials did not disclose the nationality of the migrants or where the sex crime took place.

At the other end of the Texas border with Mexico, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents also arrested previously deported criminal migrants and gang members.

McAllen Station agents identified an MS-13 gang member attempting to hide with a group of nine migrants near Mission, Texas, on Saturday. The agents identified the Salvadoran gang member as having a conviction from a Maryland court in 2015 for attempted second-degree murder. The court sentenced the MS-13 gang member to 30 years in prison but suspended all but five years. ICE officers deported the Salvadoran national in 2020.

The following day, Fort Brown Station agents patrolling near Brownsville found a Honduran national hiding with a group of three migrants. The agents identified the man as having a conviction for aggravated child molestation. A Texas court sentenced the man to ten years probation. ICE officers subsequently removed him.

Each migrant convicted of illegal re-entry after removal could face up to 20 years in federal prison.