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    Sheriff Joe says sending National Guard is political ploy

    Sheriff Joe says sending National Guard is political ploy
    Posted: May 28, 2010 12:39 PM CDT
    Updated: May 28, 2010 12:39 PM CDT
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    Talking border security with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Reporter: Steve Nunez
    Web producer: Danya Kline

    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - He calls himself America's toughest sheriff, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't go soft on his stance on illegal immigration crackdown at a recent stop in Tucson to endorse congressional candidate Jesse Kelly.

    In Oro Valley, Sheriff Joe sat down with KGUN9 and shared his viewpoint of how politicians are just using unarmed soldiers to con you into believing it will stop the illegal immigrants from crossing.

    "Why do they talk about 1200 national guard as if that's going to make a difference? To con the public to make it look like all the politicians in an election year can say I'm the one who said we need more troops at the border," Arpaio said.

    Arpaio pointed out that his experience with the US Justice Department gave him the knowledge of how to solve illegal immigration.

    Arpaio raised his voice in frustration when we had to ask him twice about giving advice on securing the border. He said, " First, I'm so tired of hearing securing the border, an 8 year old knows that you should secure the border."

    In explaining the process he would use, Arpaio said " You have varied type of phases on immigration. It's not just one issue. You do have to secure the border, you do hold people liable who are in this country illegally. You do try to build up our economy in Mexico."

    Arpaio pointed out that closer relationships with Mexico are important, and guns and bullets aren't going to help that. Arpaio called the problem diplomatic, political, and a problem for law enforcement.

    Does Sheriff Joe think SB1070 will fix the problem completely? He does not. More people on the border in the form of border patrol was just one of his recommendations. According to Arpaio, the solution is simple. " Put more people on the border which I call border patrol, not military. And when you cross that border, you go to jail," he said.

    As for the 13million illegal immigrants that are already here, Arpaio said he's against amnesty, but made it clear that rounding them up isn't what he said he'd do.

    "When you come across illegal immigrants pursuant to your duties you take action and enforce the immigration laws. You do what I've been doing, enforcing the law."

    The sheriff also said that if other states adopt similar laws like SB1070 then the feds wouldn't have to grant amnesty to the 13million illegals already in the country because the tough law would probably encourage the illegal immigrants to leave the country on their own.

    Arpaio had words for his fellow sheriffs that are against 1070. He said that because they're appointed by the mayor and city council, as Democrats, they simply do what they are told to because they're afraid to lose their job.

    He didn't name names, but Roberto Villasenor, Tucson Police Chief, recently went to Washington to speak out against SB1070.
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    Both parties are in on the, "Look Down Here At The BORDER".

    Most people see the problem right out side of their door and seeping into every vestige of lives.



    Go Joe!

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