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    Sides on Impeachment Must Unite; Immigration, Constitution

    New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall, 87

    All eyes are on New Hampshire. The New Hampshire State House of Representatives will vote on an impeachment resolution filed by 87 year-old State Representative Betty Hall sometime in early April, employing little-known "Jefferson's Manual" rules in an effort to force Congress to begin impeachment hearings against George Bush and Dick Cheney. Although many other local and state impeachment resolutions exist, NH is seen as a conservative bellwether state which could change the national dynamic. Impeachment advocates are responding to concerns that there is not enough time for impeachment by pointing out that Richard Nixon resigned a mere one-and-a-half weeks after three articles of impeachment were adopted by the House Judiciary Committee.

    And while lengthy investigations were required to uncover the Watergate crimes, the Bush administration openly and defiantly admits to impeachable crimes. Impeachment advocates say this makes the need for investigations minimal, as when the president stated, referring to NSA surveillance without warrants on American citizens.:"I have reauthorized this program more than 30 times."

    "Jefferson's Manual," Section 603 of the Manual of the Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, provides for impeachments to be initiated on a motion based on charges transmitted from a state legislature. It was included by the Founders as an additional check on the Executive Branch which emanates from the states, rather than from the Congress.

    Impeachment advocates from different parts of the political spectrum have been coming together, from left and right, from anti-illegal immigration to pro-Constitution. Also cutting across political boundaries is outrage at what Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has called a "cover-up" in the War on Terror in a recent speech. Included in the articles from The New Patriot Alliance are the charges:

    -That George W. Bush has invited separatism, Balkanization, and has failed to uphold the prerogatives of American workers, clearly stated in U.S. law, by aiding levels of illegal immigration which cannot be sustained, for the benefit of corporate profits. That George Bush has shown what Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) calls "a pattern of arrogance and contempt" in making the agreement with Mexico granting social security benefits for illegal aliens. Rohrabacher says the administration "misled" Congress on the agreement and practiced "stonewalling and concealment" in the granting of social security benefits.

    -That George Bush has engaged in what Rep. Rohrabacher has called an "ongoing cover-up" with respect to strong connections between the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11, such as phone calls two months before the Oklahoma City bombing by Ramsey Yousef, nephew of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, to the New York apartment occupied by Terry Nichols' Phillipina wife's cousin; such as the well-established presence of Nichols and Yousef in Cebu City, the Phillipines, concurrently; and the long string of "coincidences" which Rohrabacher says would it not take a "conspiracy nut" to want to investigate. Rohrabacher says the administration has "intentionally obstructed Congress' rightful and constitutional duties."

    -That the Bush administration Justice Department secured the early release of notorious bin Laden associate Ali Mohamed in July 2005, who is now walking the streets. Mohamed has strong and well-known links to the Oklahoma City bombing, to the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, to the assassination of Anwar Sadat, to the assassination of Meier Kahane, and to 9/11. That the Bush Justice Department has also allowed the release of Melvin Lattimore, described Federal ATF Agent Jeffrey Whitney as a top suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing, who has ties to 9/11 attacker Zacarias Moussaoui.

    Not presently included in the articles of the New Patriot Alliance, but soon to be, is the charge:

    - That, according to David Schippers, a Special Prosecutor on Ken Starr's prosecution team during the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Bush administration intentionally and deliberately stopped investigations which would have thwarted 9/11, and has threatened many patriotic FBI Special Agents with arrest and prosecution if they continiued their work to thwart 9/11or spoke publicly, such as FBI Special Agent Robert Wright. (More on Special Agent Wright)

    Included in the articles of Betty Hall's impeachment resolution HR 24 is the charge:

    WHEREAS, President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney have acted to strip Americans of their constitutional rights by ordering indefinite detention of citizens, without access to legal counsel, without charge, and without opportunity to appear before a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention, based solely on the discretionary designation by the President of a U.S. citizen as an "enemy combatant", all in subversion of law.

    See and sign the New Patriot Alliance Impeachment Petition here.

    See Betty Hall's HR 24 here.

    Please call these New Hampshire state representatives to congratulate the Great State of New Hampshire for bringing up the issue of impeachment, and to urge them to vote "YES" on HR 24. Please tell them that the eyes of the nation are upon them. Also please call these members of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to urge them to move impeachment forward.


    Ralph is the author of a new book "Truth in the Age of Bushism"

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    I signed the new petition. Its not the same one that has been circulated. I hope he gets what he deserves!
    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

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    I want Bush and Chaney on trial for every single American death from this Illegal Immigration crime wave that has occurred from day one in they're office...

    The term "Dereliction of Duty" is a mis-statement

    For every death of an American citizen at the hands of an Illegal Alien
    For every rape of our women or children by an Illegal Alien
    For every American that was maimed by a drunk Illegal Alien
    For every man or woman that has lost their job because of Illegal Immigration

    I'd love to see these two living in a FEMA Camp doing all the hard labor picken matter's and Tatter's for the rest of their lives
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