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Thread: SILENCE IS CONSENT! TEAPARTY or not the TEAPARTY...that is the question!

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    SILENCE IS CONSENT! TEAPARTY or not the TEAPARTY...that is the question!

    Tuesday, May 07, 2013

    SILENCE IS CONSENT! TEAPARTY or not the TEAPARTY...that is the question!

    Headline: (Hat tip to Mark Levin, who is talking about this now)
    Exclusive: Politico Misreports Tea Party Support for Immigration Bill

    "Tea Party Express’s Mark Standriff said in an email that his group has not and will not take a side on immigration reform. “Tea Party Express focuses solely on fiscal issues - spending and taxes. Immigration, like other social issues*, fall outside our focus and thus we do not have a position on them,” Standriff said. “For that reason, we will not be playing any role in the Gang of Eight immigration bill or any future legislation on this topic. and ...
    “We have heard from the hundreds of thousands of activists and supporters affiliated with,” Innis said. “Overwhelmingly and resoundingly, they oppose this bill.”
    Sorry TeaParty Express!! Sorry IS CONSENT!

    You have allowed your organizations, whether by design or accident , run by professional political operators, to be a 'silent' partner of the Gang of 8 AMNESTY and Grover Norquist! Many of you have SHORT memories...its was hijacked 'tea party groups' at CPAC this year who didn't want Robert Spencer to show up to accept his award out of fear of Norquist/Khan criticism of their radical Islamic ties. You better find out WHICH tea party groups are wound up with the COMPROMISED CPAC/ACU who push AMNESTY!

    If you respect the grass roots efforts of ordinary citizens of TheTeaParty movement, be sure you know WHICH group you are supporting! About ahead look at their facebook page....NOTHING about this monster amnesty before this came up recently! I know, because I and many others have been asking for months why they don't oppose this Rubio/gang of 8 proposal.
    All we could ever get from either is 'we don't take any position'. We got years of fundraising news about every subject in emails from but NEVER a word about Immigration reform!


    But HOW neutral have they really been? Let's look at the past....

    [snip]Echoing a diverse chorus of Republican voices, Kremer (Speaking for TEA PARTY EXPRESS) cited changing demographics and the need to address immigration reform, though the fiscally focused Tea Party Express doesn’t take a position on immigration policy, Kremer said. She also said that the party needed to be more aggressive in promoting its message. [So, they did this instead: Headline:
    Tea Party Express Considering Latino-Focused Bus Tour

    Sal Russo, co-founder of Tea Party Express, the political action committee that sponsored Rand Paul's response to President Obama's State of the Union address, said that his group was considering a nationwide bus tour specifically focused on the Latino community.

    [snip] " I think his goal is to appeal to a broader audience,” said Sal Russo, a chief adviser to the Tea Party Express and a longtime Republican strategist. “Immigration is not a defining tea-party issue like spending and debt, and there is a wide spectrum of viewpoints on it. I think it’s a political winner.”


    [snip] The Tea Party has largely opposed legalizing undocumented aliens or granting them citizenship, but Russo [Tea party Express] applauds Paul's immigration proposal.
    "I think the immigration issue is an important issue and Republicans have looked like they have their head in the sand and are not being serious about addressing a problem," Russo said.
    "People are in this country a long time and they are not legal. We have to get them legal in some way in a process that gets people legal that are here…We should do it because it's the right thing. We need to reform immigration because we need a system that works," Russo said.

    Matt Kibbe, the president and CEO of Tea Party ally FreedomWorks, said he does not think Paul's immigration announcement hurt his potential 2016 presidential aspirations.

    [snip] Philosophically, it’s not surprising that libertarian, free-market oriented organizations such as the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks confirmed to me late Monday that they have no position on the immigration policies currently being debated in the House and Senate, nor do they intend to be active either supporting or opposing the legislation that is expected to emerge. But given how much influence these groups have had over congressional Republicans in recent months, their inaction could prove significant. [Yes, THAT freedom works who claims to be 'tea party' promoter! and that 'Conservative (LOL!) Club for Growth! YOUR institutions are compromised!]


    Want to make people angry? Lie to them.
    Want to make them absolutely livid? Tell 'em the truth."

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    Considering the exorbitant cost of amnesty and the trillions that it will add to he debt, they are making a false argument. JMO

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