Illegal immigrant ‘sent sim cards to jihadis in Syria and Iraq to help promote ISIS’

Warrington-based Rabar Mala, 32, allegedly sent 437 cards and phone numbers to ISIS

Updated: 2nd September 2017, 1:51 am

AN ILLEGAL immigrant sent hundreds of SIM cards to IS jihadis in Iraq and Syria, a court heard.

Car valet Rabar Mala, 32, allegedly provided 437 cards and phone numbers to help the terror group spread its propaganda.

Car valet Rabar Mala, 32, allegedly provided 437 cards and phone numbers to help ISIS spread its propaganda

The Iraqi Kurd, living in Warrington, activated the cards in Britain and passed them on to IS members in war zones, it was said. They used them to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to target new recruits.

Mala is the first person to be charged in the UK with the offence of possession of property for the purpose of terrorism.

At a hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court he indicated he intends to plead not guilty. Mala applied for the right to stay in the UK in 2008 but was refused, the court heard.

Prosecutor Kathryn Selby said: “The defendant had over 400 SIM cards that were found at a property when police officers went into his home address.

“Over a period of at least a year he was activating those SIM cards in this country.

“They were then passed to individuals in Iraq and Syria to enable them to set up accounts on social media to enable them to publish material said to be supportive of IS, or Daesh.”

ISIS used the phone numbers to create new Facebook accounts to recruit new members, the court heard

Mala was arrested after cops raided two addresses on August 20 following a North West *Counter-Terrorism Unit probe.

Detectives spent days searching the properties.

Police say Mala is not linked to the Manchester Arena attack.

Judge Tan Ikram remanded him in custody and sent the case to the Old *Bailey to be heard on *September.

Raber Mala sent nearly 500 sim cards and phone numbers to ISIS members, a court heard