By Frosty Wooldridge

Denver Post journalist Tina Griego loves, adores and supports illegal aliens. As their numbers grew in Denver over the past 15 years, her audience grew. Others fed off illegal criminal aliens like the Catholic Church in Denver. As criminal aliens moved into the city, their women and anchor babies attended church in huge numbers. They slapped more money into the tithing plates. Father Chaput, of Denver, worked (s) full time to aid, abet and assist illegal aliens to remain in Colorado.

The more criminal aliens moved to Denver--the more crime, ID theft, forgeries, gangs, drug distribution, car thefts, drunk driving deaths to Coloradans (, burglaries, school academic squalor, medical costs and incarceration costs. All of it paid for by legal Colorado citizens of the United States of America!

As more criminal aliens moved into Colorado, the meat packing companies, roofers, painting companies, fast food and ski resorts hired them in place of Coloradan workers. Vail Resort businesses hired more 21st century slave labor to enjoy obscene profits. You can see their work-force living in trailer courts reminiscent of prisons with 20 to a cell (trailer). Criminal aliens commandeered construction jobs.

As Denver Public Schools degraded into 67 percent dropout/flunkout rates. They suffered linguistic chaos, one in five teachers quitting or transferring out of the system every nine month cycle. And, as graffiti sprayed painted itself across the Denver landscape—Griego wrote mawkish, sappy and supportive stories for criminal aliens.

She avoided writing about their criminality, about their breaking our laws, about their horrific impact on our citizens. She avoided writing about the employment fraud, deaths to our citizens via murders, rapes and drunken driving by criminal aliens. Last fall, two women and one three year old child suffered death at the hands of a criminal alien, Francis Fernandez, who had been arrested 16 times and never deported. Not a word from Tina.

But today, she supports in-state tuition for illegal alien children in her latest affirmative action article in the Denver Post: “Immigration 101 might change mindsâ€