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    A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Nebraska

    Nebraska Catholic Conference

    Focus on public policy from a Gospel mandate, from the Catholic Church's moral and social teaching and from Her concern for the common good.

    Immigration: A Call to Be Patient, Hospitable and Active for Reform

    A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Nebraska


    With humility and great trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we write jointly as Bishops of the Church and pastors of all Catholic Nebraskans on the topic of immigration, a pressing human reality that seeks a response. We acknowledge the breadth and depth of this topic as we issue these comments as concerned teachers and pastors.

    Immigration is at once local and global, personal and social. It is multidimensional and complex, encompassing an array of economic, political, legal, cultural and moral issues. A source of profound challenges, immigration is often identified with unauthorized entry into or presence in the United States—commonly referred to as illegal immigration. It is a subject of intensely felt concern and frustration.

    At the same time, the topic of immigration presents opportunities: for expanded understanding and personal growth, for communication and dialogue, for outreach, charity and hospitality, and for spiritual enrichment and a strengthening of faith in God’s divine plan for all humanity. As Catholics, we are called to embrace these opportunities.

    Nebraska Experiences

    We are mindful of relatively recent events in Nebraska that received considerable public attention and caused strong reactions. These include, but certainly are not limited to, a major workplace enforcement raid in Grand Island, statewide policy debates and intensifying interest on the part of the State Legislature, and an ongoing, much-publicized local policy and political debate in Fremont. Nebraska is by no means immune from the realities and challenges of both legal and illegal immigration. In fact, Nebraska has been identified as a “new destination state,

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    Fifth, regardless of their legal status, whether authorized or unauthorized,[7] documented or undocumented, immigrants, as well as refugees and all other persons, possess inherent human dignity, which is to be respected as a matter of common decency and Christian discipleship.
    As a former Catholic, it seems that they are really overstepping the bounds of division between church and state which with this country has lived by for generations. Sure, give them food and water and clothes, but do not interfere with enforcement of our laws, which most Americans hold sacred to preserve our way of life.
    The Catholic church in this country has lost a lot a credibility with the shielding of pederasty by priests. They lost members and are now struggling to supplement their flocks. The Vatican is probably PO'd about those not heading toward priesthood. The organization is starting to lose money. Need more bodies to build up the coffers, huh?
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    Illegals breaking the laws of God and man.

    1. Any church that involves itself in politics should lose their 501c3 status as they are in violation of separation of church and state policies.

    2. The Catholic Church’s population was declining prior to the illlegals invading our country. The church wants to increase their patronage i.e. it all equates to money for them. The majority of illegals are from Mexico and Latin America, and they are Catholic. Do the math.

    3. If the Vatican is so pro-illegal then THEY should financially take them all in and pay for them with the churches money.

    4. The bible does not support lying, cheating, stealing, committing rapes and crimes, bringing in drugs to communities and arrogance. The bible talks about being respectful and abiding by the laws of other countries. Therefore anyone that supports illegals is not only going against the laws of man but the word of God.
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    How dare these Bishops promote illegal immigration into the United States. Yes! They promote it. How disconnected they are from the realities of the suffering of our own people. How removed they are from understanding the plight of the American People. How distant and cold they are to the theft of American lives, fortunes and futures by illegal aliens. How biased and stupid they are to suggest that every illegal alien leaving one country for ours is owed by us instead of the country they left! Let the Billionaires of Mexico provide love and welcoming, jobs and money, healthcare and education to their own strangers and may they get down on their knees and beg forgiveness from Jesus and our Heavenly Father for not having already done so.

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    OH stuff it !!!! and stay out of Nebraska, I am not even done putting the focus campaign thread together on Nebraska and they are trying to mess up the good thing they got going there.

    Excuse me...what happen to the separation of church of state? they can go ahead and harbor them but that is it!!!!
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