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Thread: Steve King Taunts Left Over ‘Enforcement Is Racist’ Claim

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    Steve King Taunts Left Over ‘Enforcement Is Racist’ Claim

    Steve King Taunts Left Over ‘Enforcement Is Racist’ Claim

    September 3, 2018

    Neil Munro

    Immigration-reform leader Rep. Steve King cheered the likely deportation of two illegal migrants from Europe and taunted critics who claim that immigration enforcement is a racist policy.

    “Finally we have found illegal aliens whom I can call for the deportation of without the hyperventilating Left charging racist!” Kin Tweeted, adding:

    Happy, happy day! ICE detainers-deport these criminals (if convicted) AFTER they serve their sentences!

    The Department of Justice’s attorney in the Eastern District of Missouri announced the arrests August 31:

    The United States Attorney’s Office has charged two foreign nationals with credit card fraud. Mrejuica Madalin, 30, and Laszlo Solomes, 31, were arrested by St. Louis County Police on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 on suspicion of credit card fraud.

    On Tuesday morning, the pair were observed using a succession of different cards at an ATM in the 4300 block of Telegraph Road in South St. Louis County. Responding to a citizen complaint, the St. Louis County Police stopped their vehicle and discovered a large quantity of cash, stolen mail and financial documents in the name of a third party. The investigation continued and a search of the pair’s hotel room revealed a large cache of counterfeit gift cards and stored value cards, a laptop computer and a card encoding machine.

    The United States Attorney’s Office has sought detention of Madalin and Solomes as it appears neither is legally in the United States. Madalin was traveling under a counterfeit Belgian passport in the name of another. Solomes was in possession of a valid Hungarian passport but appears not to hold a valid visa to be in the United States.

    The claims that enforcement is racism are being fuelled by establishment media outlets who are trying to muffle the political impact of the alleged murder by an illegal immigrant of Iowan Mollie Tibbetts.

    The girl’s San Francisco-based father, for example, wrote in the Des Moines Register that:

    To knowingly foment discord among races is a disgrace to our flag. It incites fear in innocent communities and lends legitimacy to the darkest, most hate-filled corners of the American soul. It is the opposite of leadership. It is the opposite of humanity. It is heartless. It is despicable. It is shameful.

    Instead, let’s turn against racism in all its ugly manifestations both subtle and overt. Let’s turn toward each other with all the compassion we gave Mollie. Let’s listen, not shout. Let’s build bridges, not walls. Let’s celebrate our diversity rather than argue over our differences.

    The New York Times echoed the political demand for silence about illegal immigraiton, with a headline summarizing Tibbetts’ op-ed with a headline saying “Mollie Tibbetts’ Father Ask That Her Death Not Be Exploited to Promote Racism.”

    For many years, King has resisted the establishment pressure to ignore the scale of illegal immigration and the scale of crime by illegal immigrants.

    On Sunday, he also Tweeted out the news about the death of two parents killed by an illegal immigrant. The parents’ death left four American children orphaned by Washington’s lax immigration-enforcement policies.

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