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Stop the hiring of illegal immigrants
August 26, 2005 1:06 am
Of all the pressing issues facing this nation, the crisis of illegal immigration must become a national priority or everything this country has stood for will become lost in a quagmire of Third-World balkanization.

The recent alleged assault on a young girl by an illegal immigrant, Jose Ramirez, should sound an alarm about who is illegally crossing our borders, and about their motives once they get here ["Worker charged in attack on teen," Aug. 18].

But the problem goes far beyond stricter border patrols or immigration facilities to process the human invasion that is swarming our borders.

We need an accounting of the companies who hire such people and the suicidal organizations that give them safe haven.

I want to know who was responsible for hiring the suspect. I want names of everyone who's responsible for keeping criminals in the U.S.

Then and only then will the citizens of this nation begin to make their collective voices heard.

Edward Corcoran