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Thread: Study: Nearly 25 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Are 'Functionally Illiterate' in Eng

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    Study: Nearly 25 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Are 'Functionally Illiterate' in Eng

    Study: Nearly 25 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Are ‘Functionally Illiterate’ in English

    Zach Gibson/AFP/Getty Images.

    by JOHN BINDER2 Jan 2018Washington, D.C.

    Nearly 25 percent of illegal aliens eligible for former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are “functionally illiterate” in the English language, a researcher says.

    According to Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research Steven Camarota, about 24 percent of illegal aliens who are eligible for DACA — which President Trump administration will officially end in March 2018 — overstate their English proficiency skills and are “below basic” or “functionally illiterate.”

    Additionally, the research found that about 46 percent of DACA illegal aliens only have “basic” English proficiency skills, despite narratives from corporate interests and the open borders lobby that recipients of the program are vastly highly-educated.

    Camarota writes:

    Even those numbers could exaggerate the level of assimilation. As mentioned above, a high-school diploma has become so commonplace among today’s youth (due in large part to watered-down standards) that it is no longer a strong indicator of skills. Similarly, CIS research has shown that immigrants tend to overstate their English ability. When Hispanic immigrants, who make up some 80 to 90 percent of DACA recipients, recently took an objective test of English literacy, 44 percent of those who said they speak English “well” or “very well” actually scored “below basic” — a level sometimes described as functional illiteracy. Based on test-takers with the required age and residency, I estimate that perhaps 24 percent of the DACA-eligible population fall into the functionally illiterate category and another 46 percent have only “basic” English ability.

    The research showing a lack of English proficiency among DACA illegal aliens comes as the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report revealing that nearly 1 in 5 illegal aliens eligible for DACA would end up on food stamps within 10 years, Breitbart Newsreported.

    The majority of DACA illegal aliens also live in low-income households, according to a study by Harvard scholar Roberto Gonzales outlined by the Center for Immigration Studies. That study found that 73 percent of illegal aliens covered by DACA are living in low-income households, qualifying for free lunch at American public high schools, as well as other federal welfare benefits, Breitbart News reported.

    Also as Breitbart News reported, only four percent of DACA illegal aliens have completed a college education, making the DACA population far less likely than the native American population to finish college with a degree.
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    They all need to go, the President was wrong to say they are these "incredible kids". They are not kids, most of them are adults, a handful are really smart, the rest are just normal people from another country illegally residing in our country. They need to be deported with their parents and minor offspring should they have children and all deported together as a family unit. No parent or child left behind. That's going to be around 5 million people right? Based on the estimates for DAPA, I think so. Time to go, wrap it up, get 'em on the planes and buses and get them out of here.
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    These are not the kind of "immigrants" America needs or wants.
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