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    Surge of violence leaves twenty executed across Mexico

    (Translated from Google)

    MEXICO CITY – In the last few hours two dozen people were killed in seven states of the country, in fact allegedly linked to organized crime.

    In Chihuahua, gunmen shot and completed operations coordinator of the municipal police, Jorge Ortega Portillo.

    Reports from the spokesman of the corporation, unknown ambushed the police chief as he left his home located in Colonia Cerro de la Cruz in the south end of town.

    In Coahuila, was reported the discovery of the body of a man encobijado dawn on Tuesday in the driveway and street Metallurgical Comonfort, a short distance from the floor of the Met-Mex company.

    It was near the bridge underpass of the colony where he met Luis Echeverria unidentified body of a man shot in the neck, feet tied with a rope wrapped in yellow and a blanket.

    In another incident, a man was shot inside his truck in the residential Los Pinos, north of the city of Saltillo. The unit is a GMC Sierra four-door black.

    In the scene they found at least 30 shell casings, the victim had bullet holes in various body parts, were between 30 and 35, sources close to the Attorney General (EGF).

    In Durango, state authorities located, for a third day, three human heads in the Industrial Park of Gomez Palacio, they were placed in coolers that alleged gunmen left on the sidewalk, along with messages that were not disclosed

    This day, also, an armed group entered a motel in the street Juan E. Garcia, in the neighborhood of Analco, and killed a man who was registered under the name of Juan Carlos Garcia.

    In Texas, one person died and at least four injured during the simultaneous attack dead two open bars Garza Sada Avenue, tonight south of Monterrey.

    Moreover, a guard who was in the parking lot of a shopping center in Monterrey was shot to death this afternoon by unknown assailants who fired from a moving car.

    The victim received seven bullet holes on the side of the entrance Galerias Monterrey, on Avenida Pablo Gonzalez.

    In the morning, Colonia Poniente Mithras, in the municipality of Garcia, was shot and killed a man who ate tacos from a street stall located on the avenue Mithras.

    At 9:00, the man identified as Walter Alan Garcia Arriaga, 26, had arrived in his Jeep Liberty, and when he ate was attacked by a man who came on foot and shot him in the head with a handgun.

    At the same time, but in Guadeloupe, a man was “hunted” shot while traveling in a red Jetta traveling on neighborhood streets Eduardo Caballero.

    The victim sought to evade the crew of two cars were shooting until he gunned down at the intersection of Avenida Mexico and Jose Martinez.

    In the same town, in the early morning hours, was found shot to death a young man about 20 years lying on one side of the road from Apodaca to Juarez, at the height of the colony Bello Amanecer. The man carried no identification papers.

    In addition, armed groups took the lives of four men in the metropolitan municipality of Guadalupe, police officials said.

    Three Paths in the colony at the intersection of Jacaranda and Mimosa, two men identified as Roberto Garcia Moreno, 26, and Jose Francisco Garcia Alvarez, 25, died last night after receiving riddled impacts AK-47.

    The victims were talking to a young woman, who minutes before the attack went looking for one of the dead and seeing Tsuru get a vehicle with attackers quickly retreated from the site.

    Troops of the State Investigation Agency (IEA) arrested the woman for investigation about the murder of the young, according to residents from the area were engaged in drug sales.

    Moreover, in the colony of Guadalupe Bello Amanecer a man between 25 and 30 years was executed with a bullet in the head and his body was located on the road Juarez Apodaca.

    Municipal and state agents arrived at the site after neighbors report, with no reported data of the murderers, who left a written message on a card.

    Similarly, another young man in his 20s was shot while riding aboard a car, crossing the street and Avenue Piedras Negras Mexico Hector Knight of the colony, on the border with the municipality of Apodaca.

    The stranger was traveling in a red car with license plates SNP-3185, which after the attack hit a moving truck and a street lighting pole.

    Military and state police arrived at the site of the attack, while collecting evidence and moved the body to the amphitheater of the University Hospital.

    In Zacatecas, federal police clashed with suspected criminals, leaving a toll of a suspected member of organized crime dead.

    In a statement, the state government confirmed this crime happened around midnight Tuesday at the Colony Villas de Guadalupe, in the municipality adjacent to the capital when federal forces were conducting a route security and surveillance in the area.

    In Mexico City, police reported finding two dead men with gunshot wounds in the streets Traviata, Lucas Morencio corner, in the Miguel Hidalgo, the delegation Tlahuac.

    One victim was identified as Edward L, 26, who was in the driver’s seat of a truck with a bullet wound with entry and exit in the head. The vehicle was shot in the body.

    The second corpse was found five feet away from the truck, said the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF).

    Johan A, 36, received multiple gunshot wounds in the body in the area was a 38 mm pistol with four rounds of ammunition.

    And Kings La Paz, Mexico State, a command entered the bar El Farolito, where he attacked patrons and employees, reported the Ministry of Public Safety (SSC). In the place a person died and an unknown number wounded.

    According to information obtained by the agency, the attack occurred shortly after three o’clock, but the police were notified until 7:00 on Tuesday.

    Source: Google Translate
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    Michelle Obama Declares it Safe to Travel to Mexico

    Michelle Obama Declares it Safe to Travel to Mexico. Here is video of First Lady Michelle Obama in an interview from Mexico City, where she declared it to be safe to travel to Mexico. She said she would encourage Americans to come to Mexico.
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    And THIS ^ is the kind of people America needs?? They can pay off to get their "pardon" and get amnesty for cash??? WOW!!!!!!

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    Guess there is No need to wonder why society is becoming Horrible and Safe communities are scarce nowadays in America

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