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    Tea Party Patriots: Help Jeff Sessions Stop Obama's Exec Amnesty

    by Tony Lee 16 Aug 2014, 11:19 AM PDT

    The Tea Party Patriots urged Americans to follow Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-AL) advice and convince Senators to pressure Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring up the House's border bill that would prevent President Barack Obama from enacting more executive amnesty.

    The group noted that a "bill that would defund Pres. Obama's DACA amnesty and an expanded amnesty for illegal aliens has already passed the House and needs your support to move through the Senate" and encouraged its supporters to "make sure that your Senators know that they need to take a public stand against Obama’s executive amnesty and publicly encourage Majority Leader Reid to allow Rep. Blackburn’s DACA bill to the floor for a vote!"

    "Thanks to Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-Ala.) efforts in Congress and your strong grassroots support, a bad immigration bill failed to pass the House, but we still need your voice in the fight!" the Tea Party Patriots wrote to its supporters. "Call (855) 871-8782 to reach the Capitol switchboard, ask to talk to your Senators, and let them know what you think!"

    The Tea Party Patriots quoted Sessions, who said, "it is true that Majority Leader Reid is blocking it from a vote. But Reid acts only with the blessing of his members in the Democrat conference, so the American people have the power to force it to a vote through their elected senators."

    “Any senator who fails to request such a vote is complicit in these planned actions,” Sessions told Breitbart News on Tuesday. “The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our immigration laws to be enforced. But the politicians have refused. Now these planned executive actions would nullify our laws, invite a massive new wave of unimpeded illegality, and strip the American people of their lawful right to have their jobs and their communities protected."
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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