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Thread: Ten Arrested, Including Four Illegal Aliens, After ‘Savage’ Gang-Related Killing of M

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    Ten Arrested, Including Four Illegal Aliens, After ‘Savage’ Gang-Related Killing of M

    Ten Arrested, Including Four Illegal Aliens, After ‘Savage’ Gang-Related Killing of Maryland Teen

    17 Feb 2017

    Imported gang violence continues to afflict Virginia: authorities charged illegal alien suspects with murder and all ten suspects for gang participation and abduction on Thursday for the “brutal” slaying of 15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas.

    Police arrested ten in connection with Rivas’ death: four adults and six teenagers. FOX5 reports “Jose Ivan Castillo Rivas, 18, Springfield, Wilmer A. Sanchez Serrano, 21, Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 18, and Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18” are adults. Another 17-year-old, Venus Iraheta, who has lived in the U.S. for the past ten years—making her a “DREAMer” eligible for amnesty under an Obama executive order—is also in police custody. Police did not identify the other five juveniles. All ten face charges of abduction and gang participation. Rivas and Serrano are charged with murder.

    Rivas died on or close to January 8 of upper-body trauma in a “savage, brutal killing,” Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler said. Police reportedly found video evidence of Rivas’ death and declined to name the gang connected to the teenager’s murder. According to Maria Reyes, Rivas’ mother, her daughter had gotten involved with the El Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 recently. She told FOX 5 she is receiving violent threats from gang members “blaming her for the arrests” and is afraid for her own life.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed detainers on the four adults charged with murder and has asked Fairfax County to alert them before they are released from custody.

    One-fifth of the total population of El Salvador lives in the U.S. “El Salvador is the top country of birth for immigrants to Virginia,” the Associated Press reported in 2014. Nearly a quarter, or 23 percent, of Northern Virginia residents are foreigners, and 68 percent of the state’s foreign-born population lives there, researchers found in 2014. In 1970, only one in 100 residents in Virginia was foreign-born—but now, it is one in nine.

    Roughly 247,000 illegal aliens live in Virginia, according to one estimate, meaning the state ranks in the top ten states with the largest populations of illegals. Among those are nearly 40,000 illegals from El Salvador. Another estimate pegged the total number of illegals at 275,000 in 2012, or 3.5 percent of the state’s population. Similarly, immigration led to a boom in the Latino or Hispanic population in Old Dominion since the 1990s: “The Latino share of Virginia’s population grew from 2.6 percent in 1990 to 4.7 percent in 2000 to 8.6 percent (or 707,962 people) in 2013,” according to the American Immigration Council.

    Without immigration from El Salvador, there would be no MS-13 in America and fewer machete murders and dismembered bodies buried in idyllic parks. Since the 1990s, MS-13 has operated in the Washington, D.C., area with thousands of members.

    Obama administration policies encouraged hundreds of thousands of Central American illegal aliens to surge into the U.S., and the administration helped them along by shipping them unannounced to unsuspecting American communities.

    MS-13 leaders stationed in El Salvador had told the U.S.-based gangs to rebuild, and the large influx of young illegal aliens made the task easier. The Obama administration shipped illegal alien minors with clear MS-13 ties to MS-13 strongholds. One Department of Homeland Security official noted an “uptick” in MS-13 gang violence in the past two years, according to FOX5: “He said 18- and 19-year-olds in high schools work to recruit younger kids to help them carry out crimes because they are aware charges are less serious for juveniles.”

    El Salvadoran nationals involved in gang violence at home bring their connections and plans for expansion to the United States. Chairman of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Douglas W. Keen pointed to “increased recruitment of unaccompanied minors” illegally arriving in the U.S.

    “When we debrief some of the arrestees they are telling us they were recruited at a young age and encouraged to commit crimes of assaults and larcenies. Then they move to narcotics and more violent crimes,” Keen told the Washington Post.

    Director of the task force Jay Lanham also told FOX5 that gangs “are recruiting people as young as children in elementary school and they lure them through social media and parties where they offer them drugs, alcohol, and sex.” Taxpayers, of course, foot the bill for the illegal aliens’ schooling, social services, trials, incarceration, and the specialized task forces required to keep their explosive violence under control.
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    It's just awful. All illegal aliens have to be deported. There's no other rational option.
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    Pelosi's savages! If anyone thinks these gang members are going to be "rehabilitated" are sadly mistaken. That they are going to go past 5th grade, become outstanding citizens they YOU need therapy.




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    ICE Detainers Issued for Adult Suspects in Gang-Related Killing, Including Reston Resident

    by Dave Emke —
    February 17, 2017 at 10:15 am

    The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has issued detainers for all four adults charged in connection with an apparent gang-related killing in Fairfax County, including an 18-year-old Reston resident.
    Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 18, of Winterthur Lane in Reston, is among the 10 people ages 15-21 charged in connection with the death of 15-year-old Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas of Gaithersburg. Hernandez faces charges of abduction and gang participation in the case. Five of the other suspects face murder charges.

    Six of the charged individuals are juveniles. Hernandez and the other three adults in the case — Wilmer A. Sanchez-Serrano, 21, of no fixed address; Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18, of Springfield; and Jose Castillo Rivas, 18, of Springfield — have had detainers issued for them by ICE.

    According to Carissa Cutrell, public affairs officer for the Department of Homeland Security, a detainer is issued when a person in custody is either in the United States illegally or has violated the terms of their legal status in the country.

    “We issue a detainer to a local or state law enforcement agency when a person in their custody is potentially amenable to removal by ICE,” she said. “Rather than the local law enforcement agency releasing them into the community, we say we would appreciate [them] notifying us before they are released, so they can be turned over to our custody.”

    Cutrell said she could not provide specific details about the case. She said in most cases, suspects are sent through the immigration court process, and a judge’s orders — potentially, removal from the United States — would be executed.

    “There is a whole process that happens between us issuing that detainer and the individual being removed from the United States,” she said.

    The Fairfax County Police Department is asking anyone with further information about the case to contact them at 703-691-2131, use Crime Solvers or text “TIP187” plus a message to CRIMES(274637).
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    10 charged in connection with killing of 15-year-old Md. girl

    By Dick Uliano
    and Neal Augenstein
    February 15, 2017 5:58 pm

    FAIRFAX, Va. — Nine people have been arrested and charged in connection with gang activity and the disappearance of a 15-year-old Gaithersburg girl, who was found dead in a Virginia industrial park on Saturday.

    Police are still looking for a tenth suspect, a 16-year-old girl. The four adults and six teens have been charged with abduction and gang participation in connection with the disappearance and death of Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas.

    Police identified the charged adults as Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 18, of Reston; Wilmer A. Sanchez-Serrano, 21, of no given address; Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18, of Springfield; and Jose Castillo Rivas, 18, of Springfield.

    The teens were described only as a 15-year-old girl, a 16-year-old boy, two 17-year-old boys and a 17-year-old girl.

    Reyes Rivas went missing from her home on Dec. 10. Fairfax County police said she was killed around Jan. 8. Police were searching for her when they discovered her remains.

    “(Reyes Rivas) was held against her will, taken to Lake Accotink Park and assaulted before she was killed and left nearby in an industrial park, in the 7100 block of Wimsatt Road,” in Springfield, a Fairfax County police statement said.

    Another teen girl disappeared since Reyes Rivas first went missing. Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, returned to her Alexandria home on Tuesday night after she had been missing for a month.

    “People that were involved in some of the abductions or the missing persons may have some sort of involvement in the murder of Damaris (Reyes Rivas),” said Lt. Brian Gaydos, spokesman for Fairfax County police. “Venus (Iraheta) is connected to this crime, yes … She is in custody. We are looking at the extent of her involvement.”

    It was not clear whether Iraheta was among the teens who have been charged.

    The Alexandria girl’s reunion with her mother was captured by NBC Washington TV cameras. The teen said she left home because she feared retribution after her ex-boyfriend Christian Alexander Sosa Rivas was killed and dumped in the Potomac River.

    The remains of Sosa Rivas, 21, of Fairfax, were found Jan. 12, in Dumfries, Virginia.

    A third teen girl disappeared for about a month along with her five-month-old baby before she returned to her mother’s Springfield home. Police described the disappearance of 16-year-old Lizzy Rivera Colindres as “domestic” in nature. Police believed that she left voluntarily with her boyfriend, Jose Castillo Rivas.

    Police said previously that Castillo Rivas had some involvement in local gangs. He is now charged in connection with Reyes Rivas’ death.

    Police would not identify the gangs involved, out of concern that naming them could serve to publicize them.

    But Reyes Rivas’ mother told NBC Washington that the girl had been threatened by gang members of MS-13. Police have long acknowledged that MS-13 has tentacles that stretch around the D.C. area.

    Fairfax County police describe the killings as isolated to one group and not involving multiple gangs.

    “They all seem to be from the same group,” said Corporal Tawny Wright, spokeswoman for Fairfax County police.

    Wright also said that abuse of women and girls is common among gang members in the area.

    “They treat the girls horribly … emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse,” Wright said. “We need to minimize the level of gang activity in this county,” she said.

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    Teen brutally killed in woods was taunted by gang members

    POSTED 3:39 PM, MARCH 8, 2017, BY WEB STAFF

    FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. -- A Virginia teen whose body was found in the woods last month was taunted by people with known ties to the MS-13 gang, a search warrant obtained by WDCW revealed.

    Damaris Alexandra Reyes, 15, of Maryland, went missing from Gaithersburg in December. Police believe she was being held against her will. In January, police said she was taken to Lake Accotink Park in Springfiend, Virginia, where she was attacked and then killed. Her body was left nearby.

    According to the warrant, on January 8, about a month before her remains were found, the 15-year-old girl was interrogated and taunted by people with known ties to the MS-13 gang.

    She was then left in a pool of blood in the woods.

    The court document stated everything was recorded on one of the suspect’s cell phones.

    Detectives said several males and at least one female can be seen in the video. Ultimately, four adults and six teenagers were arrested.

    One of the teenagers, according to police, was on probation and wearing a tracking court-issued ankle bracelet. Detectives said the GPS tracker placed the juvenile at the scene of the crime.

    The warrant stated that based on what the suspects were yelling in the video, police believe Reyes was killed in retaliation for another MS-13 murder that took place in Prince William County.

    In that killing, 21-year-old Christian Sosas Rivas, was lured to his death.

    One of the men charged with Damaris’ murder is the same man linked to the disappearance of a 16-year-old mother and her baby.

    Police said these cases are all connected to one gang in the area, but would not say which.

    The mother of the murder victim, who asked WDCW not use her name, said it was MS-13.

    "What did my daughter do to you? I really don't know why they killed my daughter," said the mother.

    She added her daughter got involved with the gang members through school and that she, the mother, tried to intervene when the school told her that her daughter was skipping classes.

    "When I found out I lectured her. But I don't know if it was too late," she said.

    ICE agents have started the deportation process for four of the 10 suspects being held on charges related to gang activity, and the abduction and murder of Damaris Alexandra Reyes.

    "ICE lodged detainers on four individuals in the custody of the Fairfax County Police Department, Cindy Blanco Hernandez, Wilmer A. Sanchez-Serrano, Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo and Jose Castillo Rivas,” ICE Spokesperson Carissa Cutrell, said in a statement. "A detainer is a request from ICE to be notified before an individual is released from custody. Doing so permits ICE to arrange to take custody of that individual."

    ICE also lodged detainers on Edgar Oswaldo Blanco Torres, and Jose Martir Larios Espenal, with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania.

    The two men are charged with the Prince William County murder of Christian Sosa Rivas.

    His killing is believed to be gang-related and connected to the death of Reyes.
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    I certainly hope the Trump administration starts using all these illegal alien murders, rapes, child molestations, etc. publicly to shine a light on the tragic results of illegal immigration. These one and done articles from the news media just aren't enough to make people aware (IMO).
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    ‘See You in Hell,’ Female MS-13 Member Allegedly Says to Murder Victim

    15 May 2017

    A female MS-13 member accused of murder in Maryland allegedly told the victim that she “would see her in hell” before she stabbed her to death.

    Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, is one of 10 individuals – several of whom are MS-13 members – arrested in connection with the vicious murder of Damaris A. Reyes Rivas who died on or close to January 8, 2017, Breitbart News previously reported.

    Iraheta purportedly blamed Rivas for the death of her boyfriend, 21-year-old Christian Sosa Rivas, who died around New Year’s Eve along the Potomac River after a confrontation with MS-13.

    As Breitbart previously reported, Iraheta had lived in the U.S. for the past 10 years which made her “DREAMer” eligible for amnesty under an Obama executive order.

    In court on Thursday, FBI Special Agent Fernando Uribe testified about Rivas’ gruesome murder and its connection to the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, The Washington Post reported.

    Uribe said that both Iraheta and Rivas had relationships with Christian and that he was targeted by MS-13 because he claimed to be a leader in the gang. Iraheta believed that Rivas led Christian to the spot where MS-13 were waiting to kill him.

    Another MS-13 member charged with Rivas’ murder, 18-year-old Jose Castillo Rivas, picked up Rivas and drove her to Springfield’s Lake Accotink Park where she thought they were going to smoke marijuana. Upon meeting up with another group, Iraheta allegedly began beating Rivas, questioning her about the relationship that she had with Christian and about his death.

    Rivas admitted to Iraheta that they had a sexual relationship and told her to call other MS-13 members for details regarding his death.

    The large group reportedly told Rivas to take her shoes and shirt off and to stand up in the snow.

    “She was forced to remove her shirt to make her feel pain like Christian,” Uribe testified.

    Iraheta then supposedly continued beating and interrogating Rivas over the death of Christian, along with several other MS-13 members that were present.

    “[Iraheta] told the victim she would never forgive her and would see her in hell,” Uribe said.

    Rivas was then stabbed 13 times by Iraheta in her abdomen and neck. As Rivas laid on the ground, Iraheta cut off a diamond tattoo from her body that was believed to be a reminder of Christian.
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    Get this garbage out of our country. This is America, we have immigration rules/regulations. It is appalling the gov't is allowing illegals or those that state "FEAR" IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY to stay here with social services paid for by American citizens. Anyone w/o proper papers. those from another country w/o visa, GET OUT!
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