Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week

by BOB PRICE 23 Mar 2023

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials report just over 10,000 known border crossers during a seven-day period ending on March 18. The known border crossers include more than 5,500 migrant apprehensions and 4,400 known got-aways.

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens tweeted a video weekly recap featuring Bracketteville Station Watch Commander Fernando Zavala. The weekly update reports the apprehension of 5,571 migrants between March 12 and 18.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens

Del Rio Sector Weekly Recap (03/12/23 - 03/18/23)
• 5,571 Apprehensions
• 4,433 Known Gotaways
• 6 Criminals (1 Sex Offender, 2 Re-entry of Criminal, 2 Illegal Drug Trafficking, 1 Assault)
• 1 Large Group
• 74 Smuggling Cases
• 1 Firearm Seized


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3:50 PM · Mar 22, 2023

In addition, officials reported 4.433 migrants to be known got-aways. These are migrants who were observed crossing the border or otherwise counted as having crossed without being apprehended. This represents more than 44 percent of the 10,004 known border crossers. This does not include migrants who crossed without being observed.

Included in the migrant apprehensions are six criminal aliens. These include one sex offender, two criminal re-entry of a deported migrant, two with convictions for drug trafficking, and one with an assault conviction.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens

Del Rio Sector agents apprehended a Honduran national who illegally entered the United States. Record checks revealed he was previously convicted for sexual assault of a child. Agents continuously interdict criminals like this from entering our communities!

3:20 PM · Mar 22, 2023

While the Del Rio Sector leads the nation in the category of large migrant groups, only one such encounter took place during this reporting period.

Additionally, agents interdicted 74 smuggling cases and seized one firearm, Owens reported.