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    Texas GOP Leaders are Prancing Around with a DACA Recipient While Promoting Candidate

    Texas GOP Leaders are Prancing Around with a DACA Recipient While Promoting Candidates

    Published 7 hours ago on Jul 9, 2020
    By Jose Nino

    Why is the GOP continuing to allow a DACA recipient to be spokesmen for their causes?

    Yvonne Larsen, the Publisher and Managing Editor of County Examiner, called attention to potential foreign meddling in Texas’s 7th congressional district.

    She referenced photos taken of Harris County GOP precinct chairs along with a foreign national. These same officials have endorsed candidates across the state. Hilario Yanez, the foreign national in question, is a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Under this act, he is able to work and obtain a driver’s license, while being protected from deportation.

    Since then, he has become a GOP spokesman. BLP previously covered Yanez’s involvement in Texas GOP politics.

    Photos of Harris County GOP precinct chairs taken with a foreign national tied to endorsements of candidates for political office have emerged. Now, questions are being asked about foreign meddling in the March 2020 Texas CD-7 Congressional Republican primary race.

    Larsen posted a photo by Harris County CD-7 GOP precinct 509 chair Gail Stolzenburg. In the photo, Stolzenburg identified Jeb Strickland, Precinct 625 chair and Jon Speiers, Precinct 87 chair.

    Stolzenburg’s post also featured Shandon Phan, former candidate in the Texas CD-22 GOP primary, and Hilario Yanez, National Press Secretary for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

    Yanez is also connected to a Republican advisory board that listed a series of endorsements for Congressional and Judicial candidates before the March 2020 Super Tuesday GOP primary.

    The GOP will need to get serious not only with the consistency of its messaging, but also in its legislative intent. It should not have people of questionable migration status as its representatives. Namely, the passage of key legislation such as an immigration moratorium.

    If the Texas GOP doesn’t wake up to the voting patterns that come with mass migration, it can kiss civil liberties such as the right to bear arms and free speech goodbye.
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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    "We are a Nation of Laws" means absolutely NOTHING in this country!

    Trump has just made himself an honorary member of the SWAMP by giving DACA A DEAL for a "path to citizenship"!!!

    The swamp AND Trump just make up new "laws", as they go, to disregard and circumvent the old "laws" they do not like that the "swamp" has already passed!

    Laws full of Trump's famous saying "swiss cheese"!

    New laws should NOT cover people who came here illegally 30 years ago or 30 seconds ago!!!

    DACA has their country of origin. They are foreign citizens, they jumped the line to BREAK our laws and come here illegally. Their country where they belong and should be ordered to leave...PERIOD.

    DACA are here illegally, whether they came here 30 years ago or 30 seconds ago, and should all be deported on the spot! That is why we are in these perpetual mess for decades! Not continue to reward these border crossers.

    Stop "prancing" and start deporting and enforcing our Laws! No more free pass!

    If we are a "Nation of Laws"...then why are illegal aliens in our schools? Why are illegal aliens in "sanctuary cities" and not being deported?

    If we are a "Nation of Laws"...then why are the Mayor's and Governor's of sanctuary cities NOT prosecuted and removed from office?

    It boils down to not voting for Biden because that is surely our fast track to our demise or go vote for Trump and go home and throw up!



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