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    Texas lawmakers might meet in ‘sanctuary city’

    September 1, 2016

    As if a lot of Texas legislators needed anything to raise their ire about illegal immigration and so-called sanctuary cities, there’s a good chance their session starting in January will convene in one.

    An often-cited characteristic of a sanctuary city is refusal to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts to deport illegal immigrants who have been arrested on local charges.

    Come January, that is likely to fit Austin — all of Travis County, in fact.

    The favorite in the November race for Travis County sheriff, Democrat Sally Hernandez, says that under her administration the county jail will not hold inmates for ICE when they no longer face local charges.

    ICE “detainer” requests are common — so much so that agency personnel make two trips a day to pick up Travis County inmates about to be freed. Other counties hold inmates for up to 48 hours awaiting ICE.

    If Hernandez is elected and fulfills her promise, Travis County will be the first place in Texas to have a blanket policy against ICE detainers.

    Her chief opponent, Republican Joe Martinez, says he would hand over only the worst offenders to ICE.

    Legislators have tried before to outlaw sanctuary cities. Come January, they’ll probably try again.
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    Since county government cooperate with federal law enforcement in other matters, cooperation in ICE holds should not be a question. Our county cited the expenditure of local funds for what is a federal policy. However, counties may be spending huge amounts already in various cooperative law enforcement programs. When they pick someone up, in the cooperative DEA program, the county has already spent sums in investigation. I think there is plenty of precedent that local law enforcement spends a lot for crimes that eventually result in federal trial and incarceration.

    I am working on a criminal complaint against our county officials. For one, there is the question of obstruction of justice. given that the population of illegals is actually that, ILLEGAL, anything that works to shield them from the arm of the law is obstructive. They pull out all kinds of excuses as to why they should not sooperate with ICE---but it simply amounts of obstructive tactics.

    Then there is the question of official misconduct. In our state law an official cannot go BEYOND their duties. And they are obligated to fulfill their duties. And their duties are to the constituents, which in our state are defined as "citizens." Their dealings with non citizens are regulated by federal law, not county law or state law. They have no right to strike any deals with any foreign population that contradicts federal authority, and do it under the color of official right. I am caught between filing an ethics complaint (which nowadays in our state is practically useless) or trying to get a criminal charge, which is still an uphill battle. Our justice department could simply blow it off as just another disgruntled citizen.

    This is what irks me the most about anti illegal immigration groups. They don't seem to want to work on legal challenges very much. The other side harps on and on about equal protection and THEIR rights, but the American people have established constitutional rights to protect us from foreign control.
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    This is where the State of Texas needs to go get them and put them in state prisons or other city jails by contract until ICE comes to process them. This is also where the State of Texas Attorney General can sue Travis County for any costs, loss, property damage and wrongful deaths committed by any illegal alien they release into the community.

    There are so many ways to end this absurdity, and Texas is a stand up state that wants this problem solved, and the State of Texas should be handling these contrary city and counties that are burdening Texas with this problem by refusing to hold illegal aliens they've arrested.

    The State of Texas should also initiate investigations into the bribery and paypal schemes that I believe are behind all of this. No decent Sheriff or Police Chief would ever release an illegal alien who has already been arrested for committing crimes in their city and county into society UNLESS they were being paid by the drug cartels to do so. This is just common sense. COME ON, WAKE UP!!
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