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    Austin Texas sanctuary city

    The Travis County sheriff (Austin) had decide to allow ICE to maintain an office in his jail on a 24 hour basis and now local leaders have discovered that fact and wants ICE removed stating not the cities/county job to handle immigration problems. We've seen an increase in hit and run, theft of large pickups for transporting illegals, etc., and still this city wants nothing done. Thank you Austin, Berkeley East
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    On Saturday, January 26, 2008, I attended the annual Texas March for Life in Austin. To my great surprise, there were PROTESTERS FOR Ramos and Compean among the pro-life protesters in FRONT of the CAPITOL! Their leader was a tall, stocky, handsome man named Ward Brad. Mr. Brad was ASTONISHED to see MY "Free Ramos and Compean" poster and to learn that I had been PUBLICLY protesting for Ramos and Compean for the past six months in DALLAS! When I remarked that Dallas is one of the MOST infamous illegal alien sanctuary cities of the COUNTRY, Mr. Ward shook his head. I asked him WHAT city could be WORSE?! "You're IN it RIGHT NOW!" Mr. Brad replied. "AUSTIN?! The STATE CAPITAL?!" I gasped. "Yes, Austin, TX, is the WORST illegal alien haven in the US!" Mr. Brad reaffirmed. Well, after reading THIS post, I fear that Mr. Brad is RIGHT!

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