TGP EXCLUSIVE: Late-Night Flights of Illegal Immigrants Uncovered at Phoenix Sky Harbor — Airline Employees and TSA Reveal Details to TGP — “We’re Getting Swamped… Some of Them Smell Really Bad” (VIDEO)

By Jordan Conradson
Feb. 14, 2024 7:30 am

Hordes of illegal immigrants were seen traveling out of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on red-eye flights last week, and some airline employees are fed up with Biden’s border invasion.

More than 10 million illegals have been let into our country, transported, clothed, and housed at the expense of American citizens on Joe Biden’s watch.

One Border Patrol agent at the Lukeville, Arizona border port of entry
told The Gateway Pundit that illegals from all over the world turn themselves in at the ports of entry because they know they’ll be given a free pass on Biden’s invitation despite not qualifying for asylum or planning to work in America. “It doesn’t matter,” said the agent.

After surrendering to the border patrol agents, illegals are then transported to housing facilities operated by globalist nonprofits like Catholic Community Services‘ Casa Alitas in Arizona.

From there, they are then taken to airports and flown all around the country to settle and await their court dates, which are often years away. All of this is funded by the American people.

This is Biden and the Democrats’ plan to destroy America. As TGP’s Jim Hoft
reports, In 2017, under President Donald Trump, the US recorded its lowest number of illegal aliens entering the country in 47 years. Only 310,000 made it across the border in 2017.

In contrast,
over 300,000 illegals crossed our border in December 2023 alone — nearly as many as in Trump’s first year in office!

As The Gateway Pundit
reported, Pima County Sheriff’s Deputies recently accosted and harassed James O’Keefe for reporting on the human smuggling operation in Tucson, Arizona.

James O’Keefe discovered that the Casa Alitas program in Tucson was housing illegals and providing them with airplane tickets, and transporting these migrants to the airport.

The next day after this bombshell release, Representatives Tom Tiffany (R-WI) and Doug LaMalfa (R-CA)
visited the secret Casa Alitas illegal immigrant housing compound in Tucson to investigate how federal funds are being used to transport and house immigrants who illegally crossed the border.

The Sheriff’s office was also called on the two representatives who were looking into how federal dollars are used to break the law and facilitate illegal immigration.

Representative Tiffany spoke to The Gateway Pundit exclusively on Monday to discuss his experience at the Casa Alitas compound in Tucson:

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep. Tom Tiffany Speaks to The Gateway Pundit After Police Called at Secret Illegal Immigrant Housing Facility in Tucson, AZ – Says He’s Asked Jim Jordan to Hold Public Hearing on NGOs Aiding and Abetting Invasion

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The Gateway Pundit

Immediately upon arriving at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport last week and checking bags, The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson noticed a group of children, all dressed identically, which the baggage attendant confirmed were unaccompanied minors, who were being transported to from the border to Philadelphia.

“I feel bad for the kids,” they said, agreeing that we don’t know whether or not they are being sex trafficked.

“They have like a thousand groups on busses… people from Africa… They’re all going to New York,” they continued. “I don’t even want to go to New York right now because I don’t know what they’re doing there.

They’re not working!”

They added, “This past year, it’s so many changes… they opened the borders.”

The baggage attendant also said, “I think the US needs to focus more on our border than the war in Ukraine,” and “the war would be over already” if it weren’t for US involvement.

This is happening as liberal sanctuary city and state leaders like New York Mayor Eric Adams and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker attempt to push the blame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott for shipping illegals to their towns and states, something Biden is already doing.

Ironically for Adams and Pritzker, gate agents at Sky Harbor told The Gateway Pundit, “They’re going to New York, and they’re going to Chicago because they get free housing, and they get free assistance.”

Jordan Conradson


Jesus. @PHXSkyHarbor after dark is like the hub for human trafficking. Baggage attendants tell me DHS and the feds order them to transport illegals. TSA tells me it’s been like this since Trump left the White House. To the liberal mayors and Governors like Adams and Pritzker:

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12:23 AM · Feb 7, 2024

When walking through the TSA security checkpoint, Conradson noticed that illegal immigrants were being photographed by TSA agents when showing their boarding passes to enter security.

When asked why this was, one agent responded, “They’re different. They’re from the border… They’re the ones from the news.”

The TSA agent told Conradson, when asked for her opinion on the issue, “It’s a lot. It’s like a lot. Like a lot! Since Trump, it’s been like massive… I don’t know where they’re going. They’re going to different states just all over the country.”

The TSA agent further explained, “My dad is a [real] refugee, so they’re taking advantage of the refugee thing. Most of it, like I don’t know if you know, but in Ecuador, they have an open border, so they all fly — some of it is Chinese too, a lot of Chinese — They’ll fly into Ecuador because it’s an open border, and then the cartels are taking advantage… we’re getting swamped because they’re coming in flying and then they don’t really know what’s going on.

They just know they have to get there, and we have to help them, and some of them don’t have food; some of them smell really bad, and they don’t have basic hygiene. It’s really bad. It’s just bad overall.”

After going through security, while walking to the gate for a flight to Charleston International Airport, Conradson witnessed multiple groups of illegals walking to the gates for their different destinations.

Nearly half of the people in the terminal appeared to be illegal immigrants! One illegal who spoke no English said he was going to Virginia, while others traveling with children refused to answer questions.

Near his gate, Conradson spoke to a group of illegals from Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, who were all traveling to different states like Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Watch below:

Video at link.

While boarding the plane, Conradson overheard gate agents griping about the illegals and the issues they were causing for airline employees. When asked, gate agents confirmed that “they’re here every day, all day.”

They continued, “You’ll see every place you go; you’ll see it… They’re crossing from the border to this, and they process them in Yuma. They have sponsors that pay for the tickets. They’re going to New York, and they’re going to Chicago because they get free housing, and they get free assistance.”

Another employee added, “And Americans are paying for all that sh*t! It’s us, taxpayers, who are paying… They took away our tribal land from us!”

The gate agents then began conversing with Conradson about how the illegals, who clearly have no money, could afford these flights and how “we transport them” and “we pay for them.”

They then agreed that many of the adults transporting the children are likely not their parents, and the kids are being trafficked. “Exactly!” said one gate agent when presented with this fact.

“They don’t say where they’re going; we don’t know,” said one before another chimed in, “If you ask the transporters, they get upset!”

Conradson was also told that the illegals don’t “follow the rules,” and some cut the line to board the planes. It’s gotten so bad that one of the gate agents said, “I don’t feel safe here” in America!

On the plane, using Google Translate, Conradson spoke to another illegal immigrant from Ecuador who did not speak any English. The illegal said he was traveling from Ecuador to Charleston, where he would board a connecting flight to New York.

Ecuadorian Illegal Immigrant flying from Phoenix, Arizona, to Charleston, South Carolina The immigrant said that he traveled to El Salvador and took a bus through Guatemala and Mexico, and each immigrant had to pay the police and the cartels so that “nothing happened to us.”

Upon arrival at the American border, “they told us that we had to walk and that at 10 in the morning, they would pick us up,” said the Ecuadorian.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on video footage of illegals in Lukeville, Arizona, seen walking in the rain and hail along the border wall towards a processing tent to be picked up and transported by Border Patrol.

The Ecuadorian man told Conradson that he was then detained for two days, “one spent in a shelter and another day I was calmer since they sent us to a more comfortable place” before they bussed him to the airport.

The man said his final destination was Queens, New York, where he has “some cousins living in that city.”

When asked what he thought of Joe Biden and the open border policies, the man said, “For me, it’s good. It is helping us who are from abroad, and I have heard that it is helping us to be calm in this country and be able to work without fear of being deported.”

Conradson also spoke to a flight attendant who said that “so many” illegals are being transported through Charleston and Charlotte, North Carolina, and flying “all over” from there.

The flight attendant also said that the specific red-eye flight they were on and “the one before going out of Phoenix” are “fill[ed] up as much as they can every day.” The flight attendant further stated that they had stopped working on the Charlotte flight for a long time “because I couldn’t deal with it.”

“I see the biggest numbers going to Charlotte,” they added before explaining that children “ages like five to eleven” are often brought on the planes by “escorts,” and the adult escorts refuse to answer questions about where the children are being taken or who the adults work for.

“We get trained every single year constantly about human trafficking, and when I see a bunch of kids that don’t speak English that are all boarding, we try to do as much as we can do on our part, and we just have nothing we can do.”

This is similar to what gate agents told us, saying, “If you ask the transporters [where they are taking the children], they get upset!”

The flight attendant then said they had witnessed the busses dropping illegals off at Sky Harbor in Phoenix at “almost every hour during the day.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Rep. Tom Tiffany had a similar experience over 100 miles away at the Tucson airport, where four adult males “who had just stayed at Casa Alitas” had asked him for help finding their flight to Philadelphia.

Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to “terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration and begin the largest deportation operation in American History.” This is the only option with the millions of illegal immigrants who have flooded our border over the last three years and remain in our country.