The ruling political class in government has made it their mission in any way possible to subvert the election process. Many politicians love power and need coalitions of groups to go to to polls to stay in power no matter how unpopular they are.
To vote is a right to a citizen. When the country was founded. Land owners were the only people who could vote because they had a stake to make sure the right people were in office. If a person wanted to participate in the elections. They had to own land to make sure the best person they placed in office had their interest in mind because people who owned property had much to gain and lose depending on who was in office. Now we have groups of people on welfare being illegal immigrants coming into the country who do not pay into the system or have any idea about our history or our culture. They have no stake to risk or lose anything because they are encouraged to vote themselves a pay raise at the tax payers expense when the dependency class outnumbers the wage earners at the ballot box.
These people are told to vote for them for a bigger piece of the Federal pie not knowing dependence of the system is slavery. They are selling the illusion of government handouts is the way to prosperity. The same lie they been told leaving the old country.
It is time to nullify the ‘Motor Voter’ and the lax voter registration laws that makes it possible for election fraud. How is easy is it to get an ineligible person registered to vote? Every time I go into a government office whether it is the DMV. I am always asked if I am registered to vote. They ask me no proof of citizenship. They just enter my name and that is it.
Is this is how Chicago gets millions of people to rise up from their graves and vote democrat in every election?

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