Trump Aide Stephen Miller Explains Biden Border Rush, Immigration "Courts" To Megyn Kelly

Former Agent

I listened to John Derbyshire’s podcast where he lamented what he would do now that Tucker Carlson has been removed from the air. May I suggest heading over to Megyn Kelly’s podcast on either YouTube or her website?

I do not believe she would be classified as a race realist, but she has discovered the left calls everything they disagree with “RACIST” or “HATE.” I was fortunate enough to discover her podcast on Sirius/XM radio’s Triumph channel 111.

Her most recent podcast starts with an interview of Stephen Miller, the man who fought for border security more than any other person in the Trump administration, therefore, a hate-filled, racist man by leftist standards.

In the interview, he covers a wide variety of immigration subjects; how conservative California went from Republican to Democrat (while he doesn’t say “Demography is destiny,” he points it out), why the leftist radicals want to replace Americans (they see Europe and America as colonial oppressors), the lie that the Biden administration rolled out that they are about to increase deportations, why new immigrants vote for Democrats etc...

In this short clip, Stephen Miller explains what happens with immigration courts. They are not real courts and immigration judges (the majority of whom used to be liberal immigration lawyers) rule like judges despite not being actual judges.

An illegal alien can go into a bureaucratic building, lose his immigration case, be ordered deported, then stroll back out of court and drive home. There are no ICE Agents, Deportation Officers or bailiffs to take them into custody.