Tucker: The Left Calls Trump 'Authoritarian,' But They're The Ones Seeking Personal Disarmament, 'Imported Electorate'

Feb 19, 2018

Tucker Carlson ripped those on the left who have been calling President Trump an authoritarian, or a president who has authoritarian tendencies.

Carlson specifically mentioned longtime bureaucrat-turned-CNN pundit David Gergen.

Gergen served as White House counselor to President Clinton, along with stints in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations.

Gergen said Trump's criticisms of the press and actions as president appear to illustrate the advent of "authoritarian regimes."

However, Carlson disagreed, pointing to pieces of the left's agenda that Gergen is apparently overlooking.

He said that people who "want to weaken American democracy" would work to "disarm the population" to render the population dependent on the government.

Carlson said authoritarians tend to systematically target opponents and institutions like the family or churches, something leftist organizations do.

In another similarity to what Trump is dealing with, Carlson said authoritarians will use "an entrenched unelected bureaucracy to neuter any leader [they] haven't handpicked."

He said the left's insistence on a continuance of illegal immigration is proof they seek to replace the "old population" with a "new and obedient one."

"Trump isn't doing any of that - the ruling class is," he said.