Twitter Reverses Course on Lockout of CBP Chief Mark Morgan

by LUCAS NOLAN 30 Oct 2020

Twitter has reversed its recent decision to lock the account of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) chief Mark Morgan for praising the effectiveness of the southern border wall. A company spokesperson told Breitbart News that “the decision was reversed after further evaluation from our team.”

Yesterday, Breitbart News reported that Twitter had locked CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan out of his Twitter account for posting a tweet praising the effectiveness of the southern border wall in preventing illegal immigration.

Screenshots shared with the Federalist by Morgan show that Morgan’s account was locked on Wednesday afternoon for violating Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy after Morgan tweeted about the border wall.

Morgan discussed being locked out of his account on Thursday, stating:

Ironically, as they’re having a hearing on Capitol Hill on this very issue, Twitter employees were actively censoring another administration official. This should outrage every American citizen because they didn’t lock me out — they locked you out. They imposed their own ideology, their own belief system, to justify keeping the truth from the American people because it didn’t fit the very obvious and transparent agenda.

It’s ironic to me that that for some reason that [Iran’s] Ayatollah tweets out for the full and complete destruction of Israel. Somehow that’s okay, but me tweeting out about how effective the wall is, and how it absolutely helps us apprehend criminals that try to try to illegally enter this country, somehow, that is hate speech.

That’s absurd. And like I said, that doesn’t pass the B.S. test.

Following Breitbart News’ article, Twitter responded to a request for comment with a spokesperson saying: “We took enforcement action on the Tweet you referenced, but the decision was reversed after further evaluation from our team.”

As of the publishing of this article, Morgan’s tweet about the border wall is still active on Twitter’s platform:

CBP Mark Morgan

The border wall system is Exhibit A in showing that the Trump Administration is serious about border security. This wall saves American lives. Every single bit of concrete and steel that goes into the ground stops dangerous people and deadly drugs from coming into this country.

9:50 AM · Oct 30, 2020