Dec 28, 2009
Two illegal immigrants accused of murdering a Virginia Beach man await trial

Alberto Loredo and Isidro Amaya had their first appearance in court. Both are accused of shooting two men at trailer city community in Virginia Beach on Saturday.

Police say Loredo and Amaya killed one of the men and the other man is in critical condition at Sentara Virginia Beach general.

Just moments after the shooting police say an officer saw the two men driving down Virginia Beach Boulevard and that's when Loredo and Amaya were arrested.

"Good police work, dumb luck, whatever you want to call it, he decides to make a u-turn, get behind the vehicle, call some additional units just in case it was a suspect vehicle and it turns out that was our two suspects.

Today in Virginia Beach general district court the judge talked to both of the men with an interpreter on the phone.

The commonwealth attorney's office says both men are from Mexico and are illegally in this country.

The judge says she didn't know about this and proceeded to tell the men that they both need to hire their own attorneys to represent them before their preliminary trial.