Two Women Executed in Texas on Rural Road near Border, Both Shot in Head

Getty Images

21 Dec 2015

PALMVIEW, Texas –Two women were executed in Texas on a rural road near the U.S.-Mexico border. The motive appears to be a drug dispute in an area controlled by the Mexican Gulf cartel. The women remain unidentified by authorities, however, investigators believe the women are from Mexico.

Authorities initially responded to a call of shots fired on Sunday shortly after midnight, information released to Breitbart Texas by Palmview Police revealed.

At the scene authorities found the bodies of two women on the rural road; both women who had been shot in the head. At the scene, investigators found various cocaine bricks strapped to the body of one of the women.

Preliminary information points to the women having been riding in a red sports vehicle near Goodwin Road and Mile 2 road when they were shot.

Details of the murder still remain unclear, however, authorities are currently searching for 21-year-old Guadalupe Vela as a person of interest in the case, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Palmview Police Crime Stoppers revealed.
Vela is considered armed and dangerous.

Palmview is a small Texas city just west of McAllen in the region known as the Rio Grande Valley. Despite its small size, drug traffickers and human smugglers have turned the city into a corridor.

In recent years, Mexican drug and human traffickers have been crossing their products over the border on the rural areas on the western part of the Rio Grande Valley. Once they get their products across–whether drugs or illegal aliens–smugglers then use U.S. Highway 83, which runs through Palmview to move their product to stash houses closer to U.S. 281 before making their way north.

Breitbart Texas recently reported on a failed human smuggling attempt that resulted in a vehicle loaded with 13 illegal aliens crashing as they fled from authorities. The crash resulted in the death of one illegal alien and sent several others to the hospital.