6 illegal immigrants get prison, face deportation
2/7/2008 1:23 PM
By: Associated Press

HOUSTON -- Six men illegally in the U.S. are going to federal prison and later are subject to deportation for hiding 61 undocumented immigrants in Houston.

Prosecutors today announced the men received prison terms ranging from one to 11 years.

All were arrested last March and later pleaded guilty to harboring illegal immigrants at a stash house and at a business -- National Super Express Van Tours.

The immigrants were discovered after an undocumented man, who was released to get $6,000 in smuggling fees to free himself and his wife, flagged down a police officer.

The five Mexican nationals are 37-year-old Juan Carlos Perales-Solis, 40-year-old Jose Garcia-Garcia, 21-year-old Luis Alberto Lara-Gutierrez, 27-year-old David Palomera-Romero and 33-year-old Felipe Muniz-DeLaMora.

Nineteen-year-old Nelson Sergio Aguinaga-Aleman is Honduran.