CBP commissioner visited Valley on Tuesday

POSTED: 07:22 PM CST Dec 17, 2015

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske spoke on Tuesday about the current increase of illegal border crossings.

The local Border Patrol Union said he left without addressing their concerns.

When CHANNEL 5 NEWS heard about the opportunity to interview the commissioner, we reached out to Border Patrol spokesperson Chris Cabrera.

We asked him what concerns the agents had about the current increase in illegal crossings. He said it’s a border security issue.

Agents are concerned about who and what’s crossing the border, when they are busy dealing with the children and families who are turning themselves into authorities.

We asked Kerlikowske if he spoke with agents about their concerns. “The drug issue, even though they make a lot of seizures and a lot of apprehensions, the significant issue that we’re dealing with are the people you get to see in this facility,” he said.

Cabrera said the union didn’t even know the commissioner was in town. “I would like to see the commissioner come down and solve the problem. It’s great that he makes an appearance, but we need somebody to solve these problems, not just talk about the problems,” he said.

Cabrera said he would like to see more Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

Governor Greg Abbott is concerned about border security with the new influx. On Tuesday, he announced he was extending the stay of National Guard troops on the border.