Published On: Mar 25 2014 05:15:54 PM CDT
Dawn Brooks

LAREDO, Texas -

During a stop of undocumented migrants that had recently crossed the Rio Grande on March 17, members of the U.S. Border Patrol, Laredo Sector Horse Patrol Unit and Texas Department of Public Safety rescued a distressed child accompanying the group.

Border Patrol agents and horse patrol units were working near the Dimmit-Webb County line when they encountered the group of 13 undocumented migrants, one of them a child.

The child's mother told officials her child was weak and had been cramping, due to the long, treacherous walk they had just taken.

Due to the child not being able to walk, an agent carried her for a half-mile. When the agent arrived to their trailer, several agents fed the child, along with the rest of the apprehended group, with food from their personal lunchboxes.

“This event not only illustrates the outstanding collaborative working relationship that we have with other agencies, such as Texas DPS Air Patrol and others, but is also an example of the outstanding work our agents do every day, not only patrolling the border but also ensuring the safety of others,” said Robert L. Harris, Commander of South Texas Campaign.