HOUSTON -- A Houston-area woman was stabbed more than 10 times in the face and eyes after her ex-boyfriend attacked her, officials told KPRC Local 2.

The stabbing left her blind in one eye. She will completely lose her right eye after she said her ex dug his fingers into it and tried to dig it out.

The victim, Yufan Zhang, 42, said she was visiting a friend on June 1 and in the middle of the afternoon, Shun Ping Lin attacked her from behind.

Police said they are looking for Lin, who is from China and an illegal immigrant. In the past, he has worked as a chef at several local restaurants.

Zhang said she tried to fight back, but she said he would not stop.

"I begged for my life but he wouldn't stop. He kept slashing me all over my body, my face and my eyes," said Zhang.

Investigators said this kind of attack is unusual in the local Chinese community.

"This is too much hate for the Chinese culture. He slashed her face, which is worse than killing her and he took her eyes, so she wouldn't be able to see another man again," said Sgt. L.W. Liu with the Houston Police Department.

Zhang is now safe with family, but she said she will not feel safe until Lin is caught. She said she has nightmares every night.

"I'm always so scared because I feel like he's at my window looking at me. I'm scared he'll try to kill me again," said Zhang.

Police believe Lin is still in the Houston area or could be hiding with family in Florida or in New York.

If you have any information on Shun Lin's whereabouts, call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.