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    Tx-Former bank employee convicted of stealing from customer

    Former bank employee convicted of stealing from customer
    July 11, 2008 - 9:24PM
    By Jeremy Roebuck
    The Monitor
    McALLEN - A former International Bank of Commerce employee was convicted Friday for stealing $100,000 from a customer despite claims that he did it under threat to his life.
    Federal jurors found Erik Alfredo Constante, of Mission, guilty of bank fraud and embezzlement, after he admitted to forging the account holder's signature on a withdrawal slip and taking money out of his account.

    But throughout Constante's three-day trial, the 21-year-old maintained he did so because members of an international drug smuggling ring had threatened him.
    "We respect the jury's decision," said Chris Weaver, assistant to Constante's attorney Luis Singleterry. "But he was acting under duress."

    Federal agents arrested Constante in March when a search of his home uncovered empty bank bags containing strips used to bind the missing cash.

    Although he first told investigators he withdrew the money at the account holder's request and then hand-delivered it to him, he changed that story at trial.

    Instead, he said he had handed the money over to members of the Zetas - the paramilitary wing of the Tamaulipas-based Gulf Cartel - and told jurors he feared they would kill him if he didn't.

    But under cross-examination, Constante acknowledged he never told family members or business associates about the threats and that he had spent some of the stolen money on himself.

    Constante worked as a sales associate at IBC's downtown McAllen branch. He will remain in the custody of U.S. Marshals pending a sentencing hearing currently scheduled for September.

    He could face up to 30 years in a federal prison and a $1 million fine.

    Constante's attorney plans to appeal the conviction, Weaver said.

    YEAH RIGHT .......... ... money.html
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    Yep! Them old family values strikes again!

    What the hell is it with the REFUSAL to take RESPONSIBILITY for one's own actions?!?! Is it a cultural thing? Is it the water? Is it a burning desire to spin fairy tales? It's always someone else's fault. GROW UP! Be a MAN, dude! You did the crime, now you gotta do the time.
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    First time i've heard anything about this . I'ld like more information . Fact , I'ld like to sit on the jury
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    serious guy with no balls..
    GROW UP! Be a MAN, dude! You did the crime, now you gotta do the time.great words i'm with you man.
    Thanks, micky
    Simulation pret

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