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    TX: Gun-smuggling bill ready for Perry to sign

    Gun-smuggling bill ready for Perry to sign
    Legislature passes measure aimed at stopping the flow of weapons to Mexican drug cartels
    Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau
    May 22, 2009, 6:23AM

    AUSTIN — A bill on its way to Gov. Rick Perry’s desk will help authorities crack down on gun smuggling from Texas to Mexico, the state’s chief law enforcement official said Thursday.

    Attorney General Greg Abbott said the legislation, passed last week by the state Senate, is intended to prevent drug cartels from obtaining weapons that have fueled recent violence and instability in Mexico.

    Authorities say Texas, and especially Houston, are popular sources for guns in Mexico, where civilians generally are prohibited from possessing the weapons. The push for the new law comes as the administration of President Barack Obama has vowed to do more to stem the flow of illegal firearms, a goal Perry also cited during a speech to lawmakers earlier this year.

    “It’s essential that Texas step up and take a leadership role in trying to do all that it can to cut back on the flow and trafficking of these illegal guns,

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    IMHO this is nothing but a waste of time, feel good legislation. It is against the law to enter Mexico with weapons. Why doesn't Mexico enforce their own laws. I can't count how many years I have driven over that border at Mexico and they stopped NO ONE. You could have smuggled in an army and they wouldn't know. It's only been the last few months that Mexico started looking at anything that comes into their own country. Beside that, we all know where the weapons are really coming from and it isn't the USA or Texas.
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