by Krista Torralva of the Caller Times Posted: August 3, 2015 5:50 PM

A man accused of shooting his neighbor and wife before leading police on a 85-mile chase to Kenedy County is scheduled to stand trial this week.

Attorneys are slated to start selecting a jury Tuesday in the trial for Jesus Balli-Garcia, 26. Testimony is expected to begin Wednesday in 319th District Judge David Stith's court.

Balli-Garcia is charged with murder in the shooting death of Mario Colchado Garcia, 26, Balli-Garcia's wife also was shot but survived her injuries.

Corpus Christi police followed Balli-Garcia south on U.S. Highway 77, topping speeds of 120 mph, until he stopped and ran from the vehicle, police said. He called 911 after he became lost in the brush near the Sarita Checkpoint, police said.

Balli-Garcia told police he shot Colchado Garcia and the woman because he felt Colchado Garcia was going to assault him, according to the arrest affidavit. If convicted, Balli-Garcia, an undocumented immigrant, will be deported to Mexico after his sentence is served.