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    TX - Undocumented immigrants held captive

    Updated: Thursday, May 8 2014, 10:18 PM CDT

    DIMMIT COUNTY -- Law enforcement busted a stash house just outside Carrizo Springs today that authorities say was holding undocumented worker being held against their will and tortured.

    Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd told News 4 San Antonio six undocumented workers were held captive for at least a week--- scared for their lives. Boyd says the trailer they raided became a torture chamber.

    "They were trying to make money, he said. "They were trying to make money the illegal way."

    Earlier today, 35 members of local and federal law enforcement swarmed the property.

    Sheriff Boyd says in order to get inside the residence his chief deputy had to break in.

    Once inside, he says they found the victims and one of them couldn't walk.

    Boyd said he believes at least six undocumented workers were held for ransom and tortured.

    "They used a stick to beat him in the knees," said Boyd. "They cut his fingers with a box knife."

    Another victim told authorities his kidnappers beat him with a hammer.

    The abuse didn't stop there.

    Boyd says a female victim was repeatedly sexually assaulted for four days.

    "I would bet that these neighbors didn't know what was going on either," he said.

    Five suspects are now in custody, charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

    Sheriff Boyd says he's relieved they're off the streets.

    "We certainly urge people to report any crime, especially something like this," he said.

    "So we can do our jobs."

    The Dimmit County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for a few more suspects who are now on the run.

    Meanwhile, the victims were taken to the hospital to be treated.
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    What victims? You willingly put yourself in a bad situation because you want personal profit. You do an illegal activity with criminals to gain an illegal benefit. You know the rules and how it works before you go in. But after your in and got what you signed up for (illegal entry into the US) you decide you don't want the rest that goes along with it and you knew was likely part of the plan....

    Whats wrong with this? It doesn't sound much different then the US Military. You sign up for personal benefit sometimes to escape a bad situation but knowing there will be some very tough times ahead but you accept that to get out of what your in right now. However when your in and no longer in your previous situation you can't just bail just like that. You have to pay your dues which can be fairly horrible before your *free*.

    Least how I see it. So are soldiers kept hostage by the military also if they no longer wish to be in yet their contract isn't up yet?

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    Like you I find it hard to feel empathy or sympathy for such a crowd.

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