U.S. Citizen Border Resident’s Desperate Plea For Help and Protection – Whole Town Overrun by Illegals, Criminals

Posted on 6 July, 2014 by Rick Wells

The Socialist pro-amnesty crowd that is creating the crisis on the border is quick to pull at the heartstrings of everyday Americans, reminding us that “these are poor innocent children.”

Wrong, poor innocent children are the prop, but they are barely old enough in many cases to decide what they are having for breakfast. They surely wouldn’t try to convince us they make the decision to embark upon a thousand mile journey at the hands of smugglers on their own.

Add to that the fact that the adults who are being transported or remaining back home make an average of under $2,000 per year and it is clear that they are tools, being brought to America by the socialists in power in America, to effect political change.

Lost in all of the anecdotes and socialist rhetoric is the impact that their lawless violations and elimination of America’s borders is having upon the citizens of our country. Particularly heavily impacted are those who live along the border, who are now living in fear from the monster that the socialist Democrats under Hussein Obama are creating.

One such woman with whom I correspond wrote me today and she was literally begging for help. For her security I have kept her identity anonymous and reproduced her letter in its entirety below. She describes a personal Hell they are living in, through no fault their own, created by subversive politicians. Her words say it much better than mine could. She’s living it and she’s very afraid for herself and her family.
We cannot take anymore of this down here! We live in fear in our own homes and in our own country. Most are packing up and leaving South Texas Rio Grande Valley already. Especially our farmers. Their lives are being threatened daily by illegal alien criminals. We need help! Desperate! Nobody is doing anything to help us or stop this madness! This has to STOP! Now Texas has just approved to increase classroom sizes even more! Our schools are overrun by illegal alien kids already and packed to the max! Now they want to stick all these illegal minors coming in by the thousands daily into our already burdened schools and class rooms! And with our tax dollars! Period! We have no say!!!!! These kids carry hepatitis, tuberculosis, lice, scabies, HIV…you name it!!!!!!! I was assaulted by an illegal alien for not giving him enough money when he cornered me…then he rubbed his scaly infected skin on my arms so that i would catch whatever he had. You can’t go out anymore because groups of them jump on your vehicle demanding money as soon as they cross over! We can’t take it anymore!!! Border patrol agents are babysitting these illegals and their children! You see them carrying babies and tending to them at the detention centers. Border Patrol are now changing illegals diapers instead of doing their job and deporting them! This is the reason they have been told not to speak to the media or allow cameras inside the detention centers!!!!!!! Please Help Us! We beg of you! Help!

There’s no political pandering in that statement. That is a citizen in trouble, with a government who is acting as their enemy.

She wrote asking me to help get the word out regarding their situation and particularly a planned citizen response. Described as a mega protest, a rally is scheduled at her location in the South Texas Rio Grande Valley for July 19th at 11:00am. The location is outside of the border patrol facilities in Mcallen, Tx, at 3000 West Military Highway, McAllen Tx.

Those who are so concerned about the well-being of foreign invaders should reexamine their priorities. If this continues, America will be no different than the banana republics that these people are so desperate to get out of.
Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us