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    US Ploy Against Cuba on Course?

    US Ploy Against Cuba on Course?
    Posted: 2007/08/28
    From: Mathaba

    What does Washington want with the recent violation of the migratory agreements signed with Cuba in September of 1994 and May of 1995?

    The question on the issue is answered after reading the Cuban Foreign Ministry statements of July 16th and August 21st.

    In the first statement, the foreign ministry denounced that during the nine months from October 1st 2006 to June 30th of this year, the US Interest Section in Havana granted entry visas to migrate legally to the US to only 10,724 people, representing only 53.6 percent of the minimum annual quota of 20,000 which Washington is committed to comply with by the end of September, according to the bilateral accords.

    In the second Foreign Ministry statement, the denunciation deals with the same issue and reviews another type of violation: when 44 Cuban citizens were captured at sea attempting to reach US territory and were not returned as stipulated in the agreements and were then taken to the illegally occupied US Naval Base in Guantanamo.

    What calls ones attention was that in this case US authorities did not comply with the agreements signed on May 2nd, 1995 and decided to face up to the complex task of looking for destination for the illegal immigrants.

    This is confirmed when 17 of the 44 immigrants went on a three week hunger strike to protest about their detention and demand entry into the US.

    The situation forced Washington to get the Hungarian government involved in the situation offering 29 Cubans political asylum forcing the US taxpayers to pay for their lodgings, winter clothes and language course for one year.

    Five of them will be granted US visas and the rest will wait for permission from a third country.

    As the Cuban Foreign Ministry recalls, 16 percent of those intercepted on the high seas are not returned to Cuba, while a refugee center is being constructed at the Guantanamo Base, the Cuban Adjustment Act remains intact and the so called dry foot-wet foot policy stimulates the illegal immigration, sacrificing so many lives.


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    A short blurb on our local news tonight says there is new speculation Castro is,in fact,dead.

    Chertoff put plans in place in 2004 to deal with a mass exodus from Cuba to the US if Castro is pronounced dead.

    Coast Guard and Military will be brought in from other areas to defend Florida coasts and stop the mass immigration from reaching our shores.
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    Just watch Florida's Lincoln Diaz Balart and Illeana Ross Lehtinen when the Cuban exodus from Cuba happens......which appears to be any day now.

    These two will be screaming at the top of their lungs to "let them in!!".

    Oh just watch!! They will prove ONCE AGAIN that their loyalties are with Cuba and Cubans and not with the United States and the American people.

    Perhaps a fence should be built at the Florida-Georgia line because there are not any elected officials in Florida who are EVER going to look out for the well-being of our country.

    It's all about them, it's all about "their people". can forget these two along with Mel Martinez EVER putting you or your laws or your country at the top of their list where it is supposed to be.

    Just watch............
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