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Thread: Vicente Fox: Will Meet The Donald for Lunch if Trump Apologizes to Mexico, Still ‘Not

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    Vicente Fox: Will Meet The Donald for Lunch if Trump Apologizes to Mexico, Still ‘Not

    Vicente Fox: Will Meet The Donald for Lunch if Trump Apologizes to Mexico, Still ‘Not Paying for That Wall’

    24 May 2016
    Washington, DC

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox doubled down on not paying for the wall along the southern border that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump proposed and also said he won’t have lunch with Trump unless the billionaire apologizes for language he’s used about Mexico.

    “Now he invited me for lunch. He sends me a message saying, ‘Come and I invite you for lunch in New York,'” Fox stated on Friday during an interview on CNN. “I will come if at first you apologize to Mexico, to Mexicans, to Mexican people. And number 2, you apologize to U.S. workers, because you’re not telling them the truth.”

    “Sounds like you don’t want to have lunch with Donald Trump,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo replied.

    “Well, I can have it in San Cristobal at my place,” Fox responded.

    Fox began the interview, saying, “Thank you for the invitation. I’m not paying for that wall.”

    He also criticized Trump for tweeting that the EgyptAir Flight 804, which was reported missing until crash remains were later discovered, looked like an act of terrorism.

    “The guy that has a very short short fuse is him. Just look at his reaction yesterday about this horrible plane crash or bomb or whatever it was,” Fox stated about Trump.

    “First message should be of solidarity, of compassion to the people, the families of the people that was in that plane. That’s where you start always,” Fox criticized. “You don’t go to war with everybody. You don’t go and hate everybody. You don’t see everyone as an enemy.”
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    Not sure why this guy even matters.
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    Mr fox
    first of all trump should not Apologize for he is 100 right in every thing he said. first of you should have job's for your country . & clean home's & welfar just like our country has .
    that why they come over . & why we have more or your mexican then you do . trump is right in every thing he said & now I see john walsh is saying the same thing . so trump is right
    & you don't like that tb
    good luck trump
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    Mr. Fox...take your lunch and choke on it. We will build the wall and you will take all your citizens back and care for them. NOT US taxpayers.

    When you do are welcome to come to TRUMP with Mr. Trump and have lunch here!
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