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By Michael Theis
6:00 am

A new video posted to a government website shows agents of the Beaureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement arresting an illegal immigrant with a history of criminal sex offenses in the Hyattsville area.

The short video was uploaded Thursday, Jan. 24 to the US Army's Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System video sharing website by videographer Peter Nissen.

Not much detail is provided by the videographer. For instance, the suspect is not identified in the video, nor is the exact location of the sting disclosed.

Here is what is known: the raid was carried out by the officers with the Baltimore office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations division. The arrest was part of Operation SOAR, which stands for Sexual Offender Alien Removal. Operation SOAR targets illegal immigrants for deportation who are wanted on sexual offenses.

The suspect is described as a man from El Salvador living in the Hyattsville area with sexual assault and prostitution convictions on his record.

The operation was carried out in the morning hours of Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013.

The video shows officers reviewing details in a parking lot as a steady shower of snow descends against a pre-dawn sky. Radio crackles information about the suspect's car in shot from inside a vehicle. Then, after sunrise, the video shows officers leading a man in handcuffs out of a brick apartment building, their faces burred by the video editor.

The video transitions to a processing facility, where the suspect is fingerprinted and led to a holding cell.

A message left with the Baltimore ICE-ERO office for more information was not returned.

Video: ICE Captures Fugitive Illegal Immigrant in Hyattsville - Hyattsville, MD Patch